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Forum thread for arwop

Unregistered user “Quaker” posted:

The last boss was too hard, but otherwise this was extremely enjoyable and challenging. Gameplay reminds me of Doom, quite a bit. The looks are good everywhere. Make more! 95 for score

Unregistered user “Ron” posted:

I think this was the best release of 2009, but others voted differently. It is the only Quake pack I could not finish on the hardest skill setting, something that still pisses me off …

Unregistered user “Mach5” posted:

…Looks great

I’m italian mapper also… stay tuned for Mach5 creations

Unregistered user “Dani” posted:

I’m gonna try it… :smiley:

Unregistered user “Aen” posted:

I want to play that, but I can’t find Quake 1 working on Win7.

Please help me quakers!

Unregistered user “Spirit” posted:

Unzip http://www.celephais.net/fitzquake/ into your Quake directory and use the fitzquake085.exe to launch Quake.

Unregistered user “Aen” posted:

Thank you, but that makes error: “You must have the registered version to use modified games.”


Unregistered user “Tronyn” posted:

In that case I’d say download the full version of Quake on a torrent; if you’re unfamiliar with torrents just google bit torrent. Given that John Carmack has released the source years ago I doubt even he would have a problem with anyone dling the entire game for free.

Unregistered user “goddogx” posted:

hi tronyn! i think iD still retains full copyright on all it’s created material, so your advice was technically illegal hehe. jc only released the engine source as freeware.

Unregistered user “Tronyn” posted:

heh, good point fair enough. I’ve heard the community is trying to put out a free version of Quake with all the id content replaced. hopefully that happens at some point.

I thought I should link this here, the Quaddicted article detailing the history of these maps from 1999 to their 2009 release:


Unregistered user “metalseed” posted:

This was as good as I expected. Tronyn maps never fail. that link above seems to be gone though :frowning:

Unregistered user “Tronyn” posted:

Glad you enjoyed it!
The endboss does need to be toned down for sure. Plus it’s all a horrible slaughter but some people love that :wink:
New Quaddicted url for making of article:

Unregistered user “Tronyn” posted:

Sigh. url shortening etc. Just go here instead:

Map #1: Visuals were awesome, gameplay was more exciting than expected (you seem to attack several of the monsters from behind at the outset - I assume this is intentional), but the environment itself was a total mess. I got stuck in several places - not because I was looking around for clipping bugs, but because they were so obvious I thought there might be secrets stored there. Just 2 examples - you can jump over the “when scrags fly” cages and get stuck inside, or you can walk out on the ledge of the temple roof and onto the cliffs. Still a great map but some surprising things to have been overlooked.

Map #2: Much more entertaining although the whole “find the five” thing was a little annoying… there might have been better ways to progress. Loved the perforator room though. Brushwork is still phenomenal.

Map #3: Absolutely GODLIKE architecture, (although given all the awesomeness, it’s hard to ignore the large number of newbie doors). And the last room, while not only being one of the most awesome constructions Q1SP has ever seen (I felt like I was in Serious Sam for a second), also fully deserves that “insane ending” tag.

Definitely a must-play!

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