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I’d really like to see someone much better than me, play this.

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Finally finished this on possibly 30th? attempt, god knows how many quick saves, got lucky. Only had 645/666 kills in the end though, couldn’t find any other monsters…thankfully :slight_smile:

Sounds like you finished map 1 out of 3.

Nice one, thanks for the info. Map 2 here I come…

Well that was a lot easier than the 1st :slight_smile: 651/651 kills. Map 3 here we go…

Haven’t finished the episode yet but wanted to make some comments anyway.

I’ve played a good handful of Doom WADs in the so-called “slaughter” genre (usually on lower difficulty modes) and I like how these intrepid mappers have carved out a distinctive “genre” with s lot of room for variation. To generalize these maps feature extreme monster density, with layouts and placement designed to prevent the player from relying on cheap tactics like circle-strafing and camping. The best ones push monster density to essentially create a qualitatively different style of gameplay, somewhat like the difference between bullet hell shmups and “normal” shmups.

Doom has one feature that I thought gave it an advantage for this sort of thing, which is Doomguy’s insane running speed, which makes him a natural sheepdog. It is much more feasible for a skilled player to herd large hordes of monsters through clever running in Doom than in Quake.

But Quake has things that Doom doesn’t, namely quad damage and rocket jumping. The Quoth cross artifact is especially useful, allowing players to spam rockets and rocket jump without damaging themselves.

At certain points rocket jumping seemed like an essential tactic to move around quickly and avoid being choked out by the horde, since otherwise I think Quakeguy moves to slowly. I’d be curious if other players felt this way.

Great stuff, I’ll likely have a high rating to give out once I’ve beaten it. It’s almost one-of-a-kind in the Quake scene, and I’d like to see more stuff that pushes Quake’s difficulty ceiling to extreme limits.

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I downloaded this but there are no monsters any help?

You need to to have Quoth installed and loaded, see the link at the top of this page (“Dependencies”) and the readme file.

Oh and you probably also need to select skill 2 or 3.

A good reminder that Quake needs a better sound system. So much clipping. Before this, only Doom needed a better sound system.

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Hm. I didn’t think I’d be able to beat the first two maps, but ended up succeeding after numerous tries. But to echo user7346’s comments, I’d really like to see someone beat Ben’s Bermudas Briskly Became Brown (wonderful title). I can’t figure out any strategy that would work. I switched to God mode just to see what would be coming up next (I can’t kill more than say about 80 foes before dying). It’s absolutely insane and there’s nowhere to hide.

I must agree with Lane that our character is just too slow. I’m no expert at rocket jumping / running, so maybe I’ll remain stuck in map 3 until I master these …

(And also there are way, way too many monsters. And holes in the ground. And not enough help in terms of power-ups.)

Video of skacky beating the map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-l19W6ZyBQ

Apologies, that’s reslario’s video. Here is the one from skacky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhSeLtElLwQ

Sheeeeeeeeeet. Thanks. I was on the right track but there’s no way I’m beating that map yet.

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