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Forum thread for mce

Beautiful visuals and technically excellent, but the design just didn’t gel with me.

Most areas felt very cramped for Quake gameplay and it’s very easy to get frustrated due to the cryptic progression.

Unregistered user “Tom” posted:

Beautiful map but it freezes even using DirectQ 1.8.8 (2), any issues?

My bad. It’s actually version 1.8.8 patch 1 that works. The issue was introduced in 1.8.8. patch 2.

Unregistered user “ageis” posted:

I have tried different clients and I’m getting these errors.
Error: SV_Error: ED_ParseEdict: parse error
Error: Hunk_Alloc: failed on 700384 bytes

What clients exactly did you try?

QW clients most likely. Those are all incompatible. And the Hunk_alloc error is because the engine’s default memory heap is too small. Run with -heapsize 32000 or 64000.

I liked it.

RMQ works, but darkplaces crashes just after the thunder sound when a seal brakes.

oops, Darkplaces works 2012-12-22 version.
Too bad we are not allowed to edit comments.

Unregistered user “dwere” posted:

Can this map be broken by certain tricks? I used grenade jumping and got stuck some time later.

No. Even if you use grenade jumping, you’ll still need to find all four runes to open the final seal.

SPOILER: rune locations - http://www.celephais.net/board/view_thread.php?id=60905&start=23&end=23

Unregistered user “shub” posted:

Monsters can fall out of the map. It will be more playable with boundary planes around the perimeter.

Unregistered user “Mag” posted:

Really nice map!

Darkplaces does crash if you use an older version…this map forced me to update it.

Wow that was cool! Best quake house ever! Still, I only give it 4/5 because:

Rune hidden on the “upper balcony in a secret stash” was neither on an upper balcony, nor a secret stash…it was in some little closet and was VERY hard to find. I would know, I’ve found every secret area known to man in every map I’ve ever played… even the easter eggs (noclip after finding the secrets is always a treat).

The overall style was nice but cramped. The way to get rid of the curtain was confounded by there being not one but two different books which was very confusing. Love all the hacks though.

Oh, and not giving secret credit for two, er, occurrences that should have been secrets…that’s the main reason I docked a heart. Where’s my tinkly secret sound???

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