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Surprisingly fun. Shame there didn’t seem to be an exit trigger.

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Cool! This map was my introduction to the wonderful world of mapping trickery made possible by info_notnull entities.

Oh, the possibilities this map revealed to me! Some of the cool tricks I learned from the map:

  • making entities respawn
  • making custom exploding containers
  • making traps with other projectiles besides nails and laser
  • changing water level
  • making a killable Chthon (it felt weird being able to hurt him!)

The map also demonstrated decorative models, such as gibs and the player model (in various poses, including dead position), but on the Trenchbroom map editor I couldn’t see any entities related to generating these models in any way. Perhaps I’ll have to lurk moar the interwebs to find an answer to how to do it…

How could I forget to mention perhaps the most useful trick of them all: making triggers dormant until certain conditions are met! That opens up a whole load of possibilities one could do with one’s maps! Seems something I could be using very soon in my own creations! :smiley:

Unregistered user “Knowing” posted:

Just use Arcane Dimensions for triggerable triggers.

Right, haven’t looked into the possibilities AD offers to mappers (besides the obvious things you see while playing, such as destructible terrain). o:

But if I want to keep things vanilla, then this seems like the only solution that I know of.

Limiting yourself to vanilla is gonna make you miss out on all the awesome evolutions of Quake mapping and playing that modders have come up with in the last 20 years. A shame if you ask me, in these days of limit-pushing engines. I for one intend to map primarily for AD.

In case anyone else was wondering about the decorative models, one can find out how they were put on the map by reading the map file with a text editor.

Upon reading the file I found out that the models were func_illusionary entities, but I later learned that the limitation of the technique seems to be that you can’t rotate such entities even if you use the “angle” or “angles” key.

But thankfully the resourceful people at func_msgboard found out how to plant rotatable and dynamic models in the map. You can read Preach’s posts (post numbers #36 and #472) in the thread http://www.celephais.net/board/view_thread.php? id=37116 for more information about it.

Ah, seems the commenting section uses underscore to turn text to italics, which ended up breaking the link in my previous comment. Just add an underscore between the words “view” and “thread”, and remove the space between the “?” and “id” to make the link work.

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Have you heard the good news? Arcane Dimensions is the one true way of Quake.

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