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Ask you you shall receive Hexcalk! =P

Qump - Part 1 on The Quake Grave

Qump - Part 2 on The Quake Grave

Great project everyone, looking forward to all of your future maps!

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4/5 Great!

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Four maps in.

Naitelveni: Solid medieval map, good layouts, nice combination of textures. (Where’d the leaf texture for the trees come from? I should rip it from the pack, need it for my next map.) One especially solid vertical combat area, just my cup of tea. Very good map all around.

Tens: Starts out with a big base map with medieval monsters mixed in. It’s ok, but I liked the second half much better: a huge vertical ruined city floating in space. All the hopping between ruined brickwork over the void is bound to frustrate some players, but I like this sort of thing. Probably the best execution of the idea I’ve seen in Quake so far–reminds me of Drew’s entry in sm153, but bigger and with better combat.

Danzadan/Newhouse: Musty green metal theme straight out of the original campaign but with fog, better detail and construction, and a larger scale. This one felt the most “old school” so far in terms of general design philosophy, with interconnected pathways that hint at future progression; very satisfying. The end battle arena was ok–could have been more vertical (one or two more levels) but as it was it was a big rectangular room with stuff in the way. I REALLY liked the fake-out exit though. Just turning off the lights is one thing, but adding moving brushes to “snuff” out the torches is inspired.

Brassbite: Mostly a few big towers filled entirely with spiral staircases, and grindy, repetitive combat. Ok, I’ve never attempted to build a spiral staircase myself, but there isn’t much more structure to the map aside from that. The vista of the outside of the castle you can see at from a couple areas is cool, though! More of that!

*Zwiffle’s entry in sm153, not Drew’s

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I think the packing of this is broken for non-Windows; quakeinjector created a directory on my Linux laptop called '' (single backslash) prior to the qump dir. Needless to say it didn’t launch the game.

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Doesnt work in the QuakeInjector, just loading the start.bsp from vanilla quake for me.
I want to play these maps!

Unregistered user “ToM” posted:

Doesnt work in the QuakeInjector, just loading the start.bsp from vanilla quake for me.
I want to play these maps!

I think the packing of this is broken

Doesnt work in the QuakeInjector

Thanks for the comments. It looks like someone inadvertently made a mistake when creating this map page. It should be fixed now; please try again and report back if it’s still broken.

Pritchard: Fast fun E2ish old school map with fast combat in generally tight quarters. Worth it for a quick blast of Quake.

Topher: Another quick blast of a play, but I especially liked the the vertical layouts and difficulty. Generally solid monster placements and some horde-ish combat here and there (on skill 2), plus you get the LG early on. There are some void bits, and a nice skybox. Well done!

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On the Daya’s map I cant get into the secret of John Carmack. The window is too narrow. I’m stuck in it.

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By happy chance, the first map I played in this pack is the superb Manchester’s Leftovers (qump_daya). I’m playing on Nightmare – unusually for me, but I was chuffed at finding the Nightmare entrance in the start map, so I thought I might as well go with it – and it was perfectly balanced: genuinely difficult, but doable. The final mass combat in particular was really hard, and took several tries. I don’t think I’d have managed it at all without the red armour.

The whole map works really well, with its transitions between base and floating ruined tenements, with the only real downside being that I wandered around for ages after finding the gold key before I found the door that it opens. (It’s the one up on the girders above the ruined tenements).

An outstanding opening to the pack, and worth five stars all on its own. (Though next time, I’ll go easy on myself and play it on Hard!)

The Dog Prison (qump_kres) is also big, beautiful, and perfectly judged for Nightmare difficulty. Multiple times I was down to single-digits health, and multiple times I ran out of various kinds of ammo. But I made it hard for myself by missing the grenade launcher the first time I went through the cistern, so that at one point I was left with 80 or so unusable rockets while being completely out of shells and nails.

But in the end, I made it out with all 200 kills but only one of the four secrets. An astonishing debut from a mapper whose name I’ve never heard before. Five stars.

And then Stygian Waterways, which is also excellent, and also really well balanced so that Nightmare is a proper challenge, but a possible one. And also another debut map. This pack is amazing.

I finished with all 125 kills, which is always satisfying, and with 5 of the 7 secrets, which is not too bad for me. I never did find the lightning gun, which would have come in handy once or twice.

Five stars yet again, I guess! Although, having now played three really good and decent-sized maps from QUMP, I am starting to tire a little of the sense in all three that the locations are set up as puzzles to solve rather than real places. But i quibble.

The Three Towers of Tremendous Terror and Turmoil (qump_brassbite), unfortunately, is much less impressive. It’s a decent size, but it achieves that by an enormous amount of copy-pasting, and almost all the action takes place in identical wide spiral staircases. It’s also terribly easy, even on Nightmare. (I finished with all 112 kills, and one of the two secrets.)

I don’t like to be negative about someone’s debut offering, which this is, but the very repetitive combats in visually boring and indistinguishable environments make this a chore to play. It’s competently constructed, though, so I will award a maybe slightly more generous two stars.