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Unregistered user “Qmaster” posted:

While I’m not a huge fan of the new Quoth or Quoth 2 monsters, I do love the levels for them.

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Unregistered user “Luna’s Loyal Subject” posted:

Quoth’s great. I love the mod and it allows for so much more to be done with Quake maps. I just can’t stand the monsters.

Almost all of the monsters are absolutely terrible. They are either nonthreatening, unbalanced, or both.

The floating green things that turn invisible have more health than the blue ones are a lot harder to hit than scrags, do more damage, continually push you back, and can continue to damage you after you kill them. There’s also usually two of them and there’s almost no killing one without it destroying your armor. Nuisance monsters aren’t an enemy archetype, they’re just bad monsters.

The Vorelings have as much health as an ogre but their hitbox is half the size of a Rottfish, plus they move like fiends and there’s rarely fewer than three of them. Who thought that was a fair monster? It’s just plain way too powerful.

Don’t get me started on Droles. They shoot explosive projectiles like a rocket launcher, they run faster than the player when they’re in close range and do constant damage, they must have at least as much health as a shambler, and yet they are so incredibly dumb looking that getting killed by one is more aggravating than anything else. It’s basically an insult.

I actually really like the Gug. It’s a little overpowered in that nothing should have an attack that inhibits aim, and that earthquake move forces the screen to shake, but other than that it’s a great monster.

Normally this would be a minimal thing that I wouldn’t care about, but almost EVERY good map uses these awful monsters nowadays. I have absolutely no clue why. I find one fiend fifty times as threatening than a room full of Droles, but the room of Droles would do a lot more damage.

Seriously, above all else, Droles are incredibly bad. I don’t mean to be so critical, but this is affecting a massive amount of this site’s content and not all of it is for the better.

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Playthrough of e1m1quoth - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UffpgEWFj3Y

Unregistered user “Luna’s Loyal Subject” posted:

Forgot to mention the flying gargoyle things. Sort of the same problem as Vorelings.

Their hitbox is too small, they use the trademark monster’s trademark lightning (I’ll get back to that), they are (in maps that feature Quoth) almost always placed at a very high point to spot the player which compounds the hitbox problem but not their aim, and on top of all of that, they’re ugly.

By “ugly” I mean there’s “disfigured monster” ugly, which is obviously the intentional ‘good’ kind; and then there’s “my word that looks terrible when it’s rendered” ugly, which seems like an obvious thing to check for when making a monster for a mid-90’s game.

So back on the lightning. That isn’t an attack that was meant to be recycled. The Shambler was designed to be a true blue monster, head and shoulders above the others. The kind of monster that can convince you that you’re in over your head. Shamblers do huge damage from any distance and the sound they make when they see you is the most harrowing sound bite in the game and all of its mods. The lightning is completely dissimilar from any source of damage in the game to help SET THE MONSTER APART. The lightning gun was designed to make you feel powerful in the same way a Shambler is (read: BFG 9000), and when you use it to kill Chthon, the level ends with Shambler gibs. If you give it to an ugly, high health scrag, AND have it miss you without cover, then it makes the attack a lot more vanilla and a lot less intimidating.

Again, I try not to be this critical of good new content, and I apologize if I come across as insulting, but damn near everyone is using these monsters and damn near all of them are horrendous in damn near every way.

Unregistered user “Nyarlathotep” posted:

I love the new monsters personally! I got bored of the stock Q1 ones and I’m a huge fan of HPL which most of them are based on - So I respectfully disagree with the above comment. Allthough his comments on game balance have merit.

Flying Polyps - Love the noise they make, they are a bit too small but they are otherwise quite true to how they act in the original HP Lovecraft story. If these were larger and have some added eyeballs they’d be perfect.

Night Gaunts - Awesome, perfect, they are possibly the best looking depiction I’ve seen of them.

Gug - As big and brutal as it should be.

Droles - Not really based on a specific HP Lovecraft monster, but still very Lovecraftian. Good amount of tentacles.

Hopefully someone will add further HP Lovecraft monsters. I’m surprised nobody has added Yithians, since the Lightning gun is already in the game - and the Great Race were always ones that used Lightning gun weaponry against the Polyps (See shadow out of time).

Shoggoths would be awesome too, but their amorphous nature might too difficult to add to Quake (?)

Pipers Of Azathoth are missing and would look really creepy with their organic flutes. I could see these working well.

Also how about adding more Great Old Ones as bosses?

I think most of the criticism above is outdated…

Vorelings: Definitely not as healthy as ogres. Can be unfair but that’s the mapper’s fault, not the mod’s. Mostly they’re just there to scare the snot out of the player at a vulnerable moment.

Polyps: I agree the model sucks but apparently it’s supposed to look canonical and I haven’t read the story. Fighting them is highly entertaining, however. A lot of effort went into designing the way they fight and it’s paid off.

Droles: Cool model, neat attack(s), having recognizable behavior patterns but then turning unpredictable by design, I really like them too. Only problem I’ve had is that the death animation looks like an attack animation for the first split second or so, but it’s something to get used to. (Also it’s funny as heck when they enrage themselves by blowing up a projectile against a wall, but it’s the same as a vore committing suicide)

Gaunt: I just love these guys. The model is awesome looking, their attacks are perfectly balanced, and they work anywhere.

Gug: Okay honestly I feel like these guys have too many hitpoints because it’s practically impossible to have an encounter with one without a big cache of health and ammo placed nearby very artificially, but their attacks, sounds, and models (except the weird skin on the bilebomb) are great and it’s definitely a memorable experience fighting them on par with the first time any of us encountered a vore or shambler.

And let’s not forget the sentinels (which still scare the hell out of me) and the highly serviceable “Eddy” :smiley:

Greatest Mod ever created. Insta 6 out of 5.

E1M1, E1M2 remixes were okay but I didn’t like the monsters all that much.

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One of the great things about Quake is that there isn’t a wasted monster: all of them fit a unique niche in terms of attack style and tactics. (Only spawn are, in my opinion, annoying as hell and completely worthless.) For the most part, Quoth monsters carry on in that tradition. The gug and drole aren’t exactly “pretty,” but they’re both a style of high-level enemy that is missing from Quake, so it’s nice when mappers use them… effectively. Of course, Quake monsters can be placed in annoying/frustrating ways as well as Quoth ones.

Most of the above criticisms are misplaced or just weird (especially the one about the the night gaunts’ lighting, lol). Not a big fan of flying polyps, though.

After suffering through a bit of The Lost Chapters, I have to say that the vorelings and flying polyps fucking suck.