A way to have a compass to show North?

So, Quake doesn’t have a compass or map by default. It is important for me to know which direction is North in games. For a while I was just using a random number generator to arbitrarily decide which direction would be North based on which direction I was facing when I started a map…

But then I found this:


“Put progs.dat in a directory called compass under your Quake dir.
Put compass.cfg in the same place.
Start Quake using the “-game compass +exec compass.cfg” options.”

It appears this works as a separate game, just like user made levels. So my question is: Is it possible to run this along with user made levels at the same time?

If not, are there any other mods to have a compass?

I’m using Quakespasm but I’m willing to try other engines if necessary.


I also found this:


But it’s apparently for Darkplaces only. For some reason I couldn’t get Dark Places to work properly in fullscreen on my setup, it didn’t show the full view of everything.

Quakespasm 0.91.0 has “r_pos 1” which prints your position and heading (the “yaw” value, in degrees).
It’s more of a developer option so you might find it a bit obtrusive, but at least it’ll work with any mod/map.

Hey, that will work! It is a bit obtrusive but I don’t have to leave it on all the time.

Is 0 degrees the same as North, 180 being South, etc?

Thanks so much!