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At the risk of disappointing Madfox (he’s the one who unearthed this curio), I really didn’t enjoy this at all. Ugly and poorly constructed even by 1998 standards, with weird textures (smileys, seriously?) and even weirder enemies that amount to a whopping total of two types, this sucks on so many levels that I pondered over giving this a 1. Went for 2 because, well, at least it’s playable.

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Ugly, non-nonsensical and only a very small dash of charm. While custom, there are only two enemy types and that completely kills any sort of drive to finish the map (Although I did.)

Surprisingly a small amount of interconnection does help things along the way but nothing more than 2 stars.

Forgot to mention that the new monsters are just models. They’re replacing existing Quake monsters (enforcer for the sexdroid and fiend for that jaw thingy) and still have the behavior of the monsters they’re replacing, plus the sounds in the case of the jaw/fiend. This makes them even weirder and out-of-place than they already are on their own.

It seems that it was always supposed to be a model showcase, nothing more.

Smileys though. Smileys are OK.

I enjoyed it! What made me glad were the new models and the fact in that time I was crushing the net for an editor, so QEd really had a nice thing here.
I do understand with these days comments you can hardly expect more than a rubbish comment now we’re all on AD highjacks and bsp2 format engines.

What I tried to remember was that back in the 9ties I was really surprised to catch a quake level on the billboardservice. From my standards back then I remember it as a delight on the shores of the Quake Universe, having played the original numbless times.

New monsters back then were an oddity, the glare of the possibilities someone had done it and maybe I got to do it someday.
So for me it’s a three, and I’m sure when you would have asked me in 1998 I would go for a four.

Best criticks are everyone, so I wonderded bfg66…, where can I find your level?

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well, the map itself was kind of corny, but the models were pretty cool. i think they both have potential. i like how when one gibs the eyeballs & teeth, one of the eyeballs is used as the head model. they also seem less intimidating than the actual fiend.

I don’t think bfg or anyone else needs to have made a map to offer an opinion on a map…

Yeah, what Lane said. The problem with these models is that they don’t fit in a Quake environment (and neither do the smileys). They could be cool in a more comical setting but here they just clash.

BTW, my first map is still under construction.

Atlantis on The Quake Grave

The thing I can say right off the bat is that this map would be considered pretty average if not for the new models. The map is competent, I didn’t have any issues with it on the play-ability side as the pacing was fine. However, I would’ve liked to see some normal quake models mixed in with these two new ones, or maybe a few more new ones. As the map only contains these 2 different monsters in it, it lacks that variety of enemies Quakers are used to fighting.

Even as a 1998 map, it’s a little boxy and texture usage can be a little ugly. It suffers from that whole “plaster one big wall with one texture” thing. Though I will say it gets a few extra points for the use of custom textures and the tomb room with the gold key.

I would recommend checking this out just for the new monsters, the one with the eyeballs and jaws is pretty unique!

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Best criticks are everyone. It was not ment offended.

Thing is that when I first played the map I found a bug.
On the startpoint is a dark wall with rocks that one can climb. Behind it lays a teleporter, but it’s blocked with a bad brush, it telleports to the upper ledge.
So I rebuiled the level, dimmed the lights a bit as it looked a oversizesed, and then decided to keep the original map as honnour to the author.

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Absolutely awful. Horrible new models, lumpen textures, tedious, repetitive gameplay with only two kinds of monster, arbitrary progression, chronic ammo shortage … I could go on.

After reading all the comments, I thought this would be terrible, but I actually liked it. Judged by normal Quake standards, this isn’t a great map. But as a purposely weird, surreal novelty, it’s pretty good. As a novelty, this doesn’t have a lot of replay value, but I enjoyed playing it once.

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