AD 1.7 and pre-1.7 maps installation order

Happy New Year everyone!

What is the correct procedure to install AD maps that depend on older AD versions using QI?

I’ve installed AD1.7 and am trying to install pre-1.7 maps like ad_scastle1d but I’m asked to overwrite current AD files and install what looks like older AD files, see image below. It looks like I can still play the maps if I click on Cancel (except I get a warning saying prerequisites are not installed when I start the map).

You mean with the injector? I think it does it only because that map requires AD, so it installs older AD within it. Regular zip file of the map contains only a map files, and nothing is replaced.

To clarify, I’ve installed AD 1.7 with QI and I’m trying to install the maps also with QI.

Since AD 1.7 is the full version and not a patch, wouldn’t AD be downgraded if I let a map install older AD content?

Welcome to the hell of trying to make automatic installations possible.

When we designed the Quake Injector, there was no culture of updating releases this way. Mods that did update used sequentially numbered pak files (like Quoth). Having to overwrite files will create a mess.

I have no idea how to handle this and with the lack of interest in cooperation from content developers in the past years I can only say “sorry”". :frowning:

There are potential ways of creating a much better system but I see little hope in the community(s) getting together and actively doing the hard work needed.

Thanks for the info AN & Spirit!

Did some experimenting and it looks like I can trick QI into thinking that AD 1.42 and 1.50 are installed by adding and , i.e. map nodes without file child nodes, to installedMaps.xml. I could then install the maps that depends on older AD versions without getting any prerequisites conflicts. Could this method cause any issues later?