Ad_sepulcher and SP maps HD textures and a lot of vanilla stuff

DOPA - Episode 5: Dimension of the past (2016) plus.
by J.F.Gustafsson @ MachineGames

-transparency to all liquids

Added .lit files generated while compiling maps (colored lights not provided)

Values taken from dopa 2021 reissue. Built upon official sources.
Nothing else were changed, new maps not included.
(left vs right comparison)
(9,9 Mb)

Hello, great compilation of textures here! Is there a package with all the textures combined into one, or do I need to browse all 9 pages to download all the texture packs and updates individually?

I know one project of compilation all things in one place.

Afraid You must to get rid of all redundant in it.

[quote=qazzaq]I know one project of compilation all things in one place.
Link is on post #196
Afraid You must to get rid of all redundant in it.[/quote]

Thanks for the response! Do you know if there are any HD packs for SoE or Zerstorer? I saw there used to be some on this page, but the links are broken now:

For soe there Is this that cover all Tronyn Maps

Ah yes, you are right. I already have this pack (and forgot I had it). It’s Zerstorer HD that I can’t find!

Midpoly Health_boxes and Exploded_Barrel for Drake mod/ based maps.

-soe 2 (nsoe)
-something wicked + depended maps
-Tershibboleth Drake Redux

Based upon initial maps & textures by their autors.

(740 kb)

More models of barrels. Maybe it will be useful to someone.


Download link:

Copper midpoly pickups (health & ammo boxes)
both .bsp and .mdl variants (mod dependetly)
Kex engine supported!

= Built upon original copper .bsp pickups, original skins preserved.

Supported Copper-based mods/maps:

copper itself
ctsj 2
dwell v2
pun (The Punishment Due)
qbj (Quake Brutalist Jam)
qbj 2 (Quake Brutalist Jam 2)
sm224 (optional)
smej 2
snack 2

smej - used only .bsp
dwell v1 - used only .mdl

/ not! suitable for Alkaline.

(675 kb)

Interesting models of boxes. Oddly enough, but I have never seen such. I have a large collection of them. Unfortunately, none of the programs have opened “*.mdl” models of boxes. I used the following programs: q1mv / qme3.1 / Noesis.

When I renamed the extension models “.mdl" to ".bsp”, then they were opened by the Noesis program. Surprisingly, the models also work in reverse! I didn’t know about it! But the only downside is that “*.bsp” models don’t light up like regular models and they don’t have shadows.

I usually renamed the models “.mdl" to ".bsp” and copied them to the “maps” folder and they had the right lighting and shadows.

The “complex” pickup boxes initially introduced by Sock in ITS mod so far in 2011 and RRP team some later in 2014. For vanilla campaign it were created by NightFright at 2015-2021:

So, why not create them for other (lovely) mods?

Renaming .bsp to .mdl were borrowed by me from someone who already make it before and I know that it work fine.
Otherwise, .bsp has some difference from .mdl

so, they can`t be crossreplaced.

Thanks for the reply. I always snap to zero in the coordinate axis. I forgot to write about it.

To be honest, I converted all the models from Q2021 in parallel from this team and without even knowing about their work, except for the heads. And then for more than 4 months I redid the clumsy animation of Night Dive studio manually frame by frame in a Blender.

Many times I threw ideas and my developments to the Night Fright user, sent him by mail so that he could use them in his pack, but he ignored it all. As a result, I posted all my works here. There are more friendly and responsive people on this forum.

RRP and Alkaline midpoly pickups (Updated to v. 1.1)
(health & ammo boxes, explode boxes for RRP)

Release supported:

  • RRP
  • alkaline
  • alkaline 1.2
  • alk jam
  • jjj2 (january jump jam 2)
  • sewerjam 2

Provided explode boxes for RRP only! and not suitable for other mods.

Original skins are preserved.
(1.17 Mb) UPDATED! to 1.1

RRP and Alkaline midpoly pickups 1.1

  • Added RRP-styled explode boxes to Alkaline.
  • Fixed mistake for alkaline 1.0 and alkjam .map models.
(1.17 Mb)

+Both link are the same+

Can you make models of laser nails, multi rockets and plasma for “Scourge of Armagon” (rogue)? So that their textures are separate and not as part of the models for RRP and Alkaline?

Tell me, why is the location of the models on the X and Y axes of the standard “ID1” different from “Alkaline” and “RRP”? There is a significant offset of coordinates. I thought that was it"*.bsp" the models are arranged identically in space - the zero point in the center.

id and rogue midpoly pickups
(healh & ammo boxes)

= All id & rogue _rockets and rogue _plasma boxes created by NightFright (they are absolutely perfect)

Rest models are created by me.

Original skins are preserved.

NightFright`s models used by me and included in release:
(370 kb)

the “SILHOUETTE OF DARKNESS” (siluette.bsp)
by Neil Manke

  • Fixed stickie buttons
  • Map vis-ed
(895 kb)

Illustrations restorations is in progress…

Defulbrighted skins for MD5 models of RA and Invisibility ring for KEX and any supported sourceport.

AD medieval key replacement (gold/silver) in md5 format for kex.


All illustrations now are visible and clickable. /skipped a few non-essential/

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