Anyone know this shotgun model?

Wondering if anyone knew which model pack the shotgun from this video comes from:

Looks like a pretty faithful vanilla shotgun but with an arm model underneath?

The port looks like qbism Super8. I recall it included modified weapon models with it. Maybe it’s a standard one coming with the port?

Okay, nevermind, it’s not.

I think it’s this one here:

From actual yonks ago. Now if someone could combine the animated hand reload with the animated gun reload movement of this one:

Damn, we’d have a hell of shotgun stew.

Challenge accepted.

Nice! Can’t wait to see what you come up with :slight_smile:

From RemakeQuake perhaps.

Any luck Dwere? I have no idea how long it would take to bash those two models together!

I suspect that gluing already animated parts of two models would be easy. Except I don’t know how, and I (probably) don’t have the tools.

That said, rebuilding the thing is trivial too, since I already have a disassembled one that just needed an arm. I sat on an almost-finished version for several days, but I wanted to give it a work-over. Started yesterday, shouldn’t take long.

Nice! Cant wait to perforate some Ogres with that badboy.

Test OK? Positions are similar to what I’ve seen in those old models, but the timing is different.

Texture was adapted from Quake 2, because I didn’t like the one from the first link. Also, if someone ever tries to make an HD skin for this thing, some of the vertex positions may disagree with them…

Just gave it a test run - this is perfect, Dwere! Your Quake 2 hand is nicer than the original, and not having the Shotgun pump in some kind of vacuum but with an actual hand totally sells it. Definitive Vanilla+ stuff :slight_smile:

How do you like it?

Forgot to test it with software rendering. A bit too much distortion for my taste; may rectify it later.

To my untrained eye it’s perfect :slight_smile:

Can I ask (promise this isn’t another request!) - but what Quake tools would I use to remove the shoulder pad on the right-hand ogre, and rename some of the anims?

It’s basically perfect as a vanilla ogre replacer, but the pain/fire/death anims have been switched around - I figure it’s just a case of renaming the right loops in the right software?

The link gives me 403 so I can’t see which model is this.

I use Blender for mdl, but for something simple like renaming frames it feels like using a rocket launcher for casual target practice. There’s probably a much better way.

If the loops don’t have the exact same amount of frames as in the stock model, there may be issues with this approach.

Hey dwere, did you base the reload shotgun model on the one from your “Guns of Okayishness” collection? We are using most of those for the Authentic Models pack. Maybe I’ll use this as a replacement, however I guess it would still be more authentic with just the reload, but not the hand.

(What we could also still use is a variation of your Super Nailgun that doesn’t have this large dark brown handle or whatever part in the center to bring it closer to the original model.)

Yes, I had an unreleased version lying around with some barrel detailing done. Also, I made a simplified SNG for someone a while ago, but I don’t remember what was done to it and which version it was based on. Figured I’d just redo it.

FWIW, I like neither particularly much. Moving pump (which could be forestock for all we know, though it’s not terribly likely) isn’t the most authentic thing ever, and the SNG has a pretty basic rotor that I’d probably upgrade if it wasn’t hidden.