Arcane Dimension Soundtrack

I’m playing the Beautiful Arcane Dimension…suggestion for an appropriate soundtrack?? :slight_smile:

Take a listen to the artists on the Cryo Chamber label. You can find them here. Lots of crazy Quake-ish stuff to enjoy.

Damn this stuff is awesome…perfect Quake music

Check out the “Cellblock” album.

Thank you very much!!!

Thanks for the suggestion, Dumptruck! I’ve been meaning to put together a special soundtrack for AD and I’m gonna explore this. I already knew a few of the artists (namely Sabled Sun, Atrium Carceri and Apocryphos) but there’s A LOT to listen to in there!

Hey Mugwump, did you get around to creating your special soundtrack for AD? I’m interested to see what you went for. :slight_smile:

Not yet. Currently making some music for jam9 & episode jam… :wink:

Damn this stuff is awesome…perfect Quake music

Check out the “Cellblock” album.[/quote]

I went ahead and made the cellblock album into oog and it seems to fit Quake and AD both pretty well. Zipped it up along with a .txt pointing to where the music came from and such to try to give credit where credit is due. Totally lazy job by me as I haven’t finished AD and took no care to try to assign specific tracks to specific maps. Figured I would share though.

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