Are There Any Quake "Beastiaries" On The Web?

Im a noob to TrenchBroom 2 but knowledgeable on DooMBuilder 2/ slade etc. I know for customizing DooM maps there’s and awesome site . They have a ‘Beastiary’ witch was a ton of community created monster sprites. I can only imagine that sprite would be easier to create as apposed to re skinning, or even re animating your own 3d model that will work in Quake.

 so, 1.) Is the such a repository for custom quake monsters?
  or 2.) Is it even feasible to create your own animated 3d models on blender  and have them work in Quake?

Models for Quake are a bit tougher to create than for DooM so there aren’t as many and there’s no current repository for models but if you look around you can find some. Here’s one place but these are not monsters.

Another resource would be Qmaster’s Keep mod which was discussed on the most recent Quakecast here:

The Keep mod has collected over 100 monsters, weapons and power-ups from many popular mods – there are links in the show notes.

Very awesome, thanks. My father-in-law used to mod the original Quake mulitplayer LAN skins, and he showed me how. I was impressed he was able to do pull out the specific image files of each playable character, and open them in the image editor Gimp. The images of the Players are flattened out, like a paper doll origami. There he told me he used to make ridiculous obscene skins, once where he made a skin that was completely black in color identical to the map’s shadowing color pallet, except for the eyes (red), so he was totally cheating.

Here is a download with a bunch of .mdls in it:
And here is an interesting way that you can view all of those models:

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