I was wondering, while chequing my profile what it is why my atavar won’t appear.
First I thought it was because I used an *.gif file, because I’m fond of moving things.
This didn’t came through, so I suppose it’s not possible. (is it?)
Then after using a simple 1kb jpg it didn’t either.

So I would like to know, is it just a bug or doesn’t like the site stamps?

(or smiley’s?)


Your avatar displays fine here, make sure it is not some browser addon blocking it.

I just a crossed box, and I can’t blame my browser.
Inside 3d doesn’t either give an atavar, but that’s because I have another website.
The one on this board should be capsed locked as it has the name 45jpg?.
Unclear to me, but seeking for smileys gives the same square box.

Another thing, yeh let’s show some work in progress:
Upload to pipeline
Sorry, you don’t have enough rights to upload files.

Where can I buy my rights?