Automap Quake

Hi everyone, I got bored the other day and decided to program a top-down shooter mod for Quake entirely in CSQC. It’s compatible with all Quake mods (and vanilla id1) that don’t already use CSQC, though maps are hit-or-miss as to whether or not they look good.

Download newest version (currently 1.5) here:

That page also has console commands and cvars reference, and installation guide. Keep in mind that it REQUIRES FTEQW engine! Darkplaces is untested, and QSS doesn’t work.


I find it puzzling, to try install the recommended engine.

I would kindly ask you to record and present some gameplay footage.

Do you have any screenshots of how would the perspective look with an isometric spin to it?

Here’s a video i recorded a few days ago:

And here’s a work-in-progress isometric view mode:

Nice! I can imagine how mapmaking for the ‘Automap Quake’ would require some tweaks, in order to adjust.

Have you thought about introducing a slight screen shift in the direction of the crosshair, in relation to the protagonist placement? This way, aiming towards certain direction, would increase the line of sight in that direction.

I wonder though if movement should affect this mechanics, such as, moving in a direction other than the one aims towards - particularly moving in the opposite direction, as if withdrawing - would decrease the line of sight on the corsshair side. The point, on the other hand, is not to make the camera all to shaky, as it could end up simply being annoying. Anyway, just a random idea.


You could also give the protagonist a little default illumination, to underscore the key position.

With the topdown view, certainly dodging the vore-balls, must be easier.