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I really liked the level, but the final battle was very difficult for me. 5/5

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This level is absolutely epic. It’s an immersive playing experience with interesting brushwork and is nicely textured and has loads of replay value. It’s going straight onto my top maps list.

To me it was very much like playing several different maps all rolled into one very large adventure.

As you progress through the level, the combats get harder and the economy of health and ammo become a priority. To me most of the level plays like a skill 2 against a seemingly never-ending hoard of enemies striving to take your life.

The secrets are interesting and fun to find, but on my first trip through I only succeeded in finding half of them!

Thanks to the author for sharing this with us!

5/5, of cause. A long journey with different rooms, and everything is consistent. Most of the time I’m in slight lack of ammo.

Secrets 8/16 so far, and that’s really good with me.

It’s really difficult for me, an unexperienced player, playing skill 0.

For now I’m stuck, because I only can find tow of four switches to open the big door. I’ll continue my search, but would appreciate an hint.

Referring to
it doesn’t work correct with quakespasm.
I compared the beginning and further on.

( Using quakespasm-sdl2 with Debian GNU/Linux, PC i386. But I was able now to make quakespasm-spiked from source.
(AFAIK there’s no .deb for i386.) )

Btw zbdiou72, I just saw, that You created nullbear. I also liked that very much, and it also was very difficult even on skill 0.



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The first two are located right under the door, submerged. The other two are near the top, and may be shot from the wooden bridge that crosses the cave. 8/16 is quite good, there are 9 total up to this point. Some players had trouble with directions in nullbear, I tried to make things more straightforward in this one.

Oooh, yesss, … as always, now I think, I could have seen that by myself.

Concerning the secrets: I found the (I think) first two in my second attempt, with quakespasm.
It’s really hard to escape the underwater creatures then.

Thank You, zbidou72.

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A little question: For this pack there are 2 subfolders, one is theutis and the other is id1.
In id1 is only a gfx subfolder, would it make sense to copy that gfx subfolder over to theutis and delete the id1? (I would like it contained in one folder…)

addenum: yup, it works. But the “waterwalls” are intended or depends this on the use engine?

From a packaging standpoint it would have been better to put the gfx subfolder(contains only the skybox) in the teuthis folder. Are you referring to the “waterwalls” at the top of the trench ? If so yes they are intended.

Sorry, my Quakespasm just crashes with “QUAKE ERROR: AllocBlock: full”

This seems - most often - to be caused by textures with a weird scaling.

Sorry, but my time neither allow me to compile a Spiked, nor to go bughunting in the map.

I’m just bellyrotting here, but i wish that people would test their maps om stable engines, and then use the more exotic ones for whatever afterwards. On the other hand, the counter-argument would be, then we would never improve the engines…

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QuakeSpasm is on the way out. Ironwail is just a better QS.

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All right, I am currently applying some slight modifications that should make the map ironwail/regular quakespasm friendly(using sv_protocol 999 will however be necessary). should be done in a couple of days.

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It runs good in Ironwail. Ironwail is basically the new QS.

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PLEASE give me a hint!! the secret for the red armor… just a hint

ok ok… closely check the two small waterfalls in the temple entrance room.