Can I play the new Dimension of the Machine with Quakespasm Spiked?

The subject says it all, I finally downloaded Quake enhanced from the gog release and I was wondering if mg1 works properly with Quakespasm Spiked.

I gave a quick look and it seems so, but I see unusual messages and I thought it is a good idea to ask.

You’ve probably forgot to copy QuakeEX.kpf from Enhanced to folder where QSS engine is.

Hey Anon, why you need that KPF?

Do an experiment. Run QSS without QuakeEX.kpf file, start a new game of classic levels and go forward to a teleporter with medium skill selection. You should see “$MAP_SKILL_NORMAL”. With QuakeEX.kpf you’ll see “THIS HALL SELECTS NORMAL SKILL”. This is a 13MB file, I know that there are translations, but I’m not an expert and cannot say if there’s anything more than that.

Dead on, thank you Anon.

The Kpf contains the language packs for the game in all languages.

Thanks, Anon & Mopey bloke (❁´◡`❁)


Here is a working version of “DotM” for the “QSS” engine. There are no improved models from “KexQ2021” here, only improved particles.

If you need them, then here is a link to my build. Download it, open the “cancer 1.pak” archive and copy the “maps” and “progs” folders to the “DotM-QSS” folder. Use the ones you like. In the archive “cancer 2.pak” there are more brutal models of a soldier and an enforcer.

Link to the whole topic:

Hey Andrew/Ash1980, thanks for sharing, do you plan to do improved lighting to DotM and other mission packs like you did for original campaign?

Why change something? In the episode “DotM”, all the maps have wonderful lighting and fog where needed.

Well I haven’t played DotM, I’m currently doing “hypnotic” and “rogue” mission packs. Both of them would benefit from the treatment you did to “id1” maps in your Play_Q modification! I use QRP textures and TribalFX but I miss modern skyboxes and lighting.