Can you post a permanent link for all 900 maps?

Thanks. You should have a main page dedicated to new releases so people can keep track of what maps they’ve already downloaded and played on the server/html page

No, sorry. I would need to update that for each release. Use something like wget or Downthemall (Firefox addon) on instead.

New releases are on the left on the frontpage, you can also use in a feedreader.

Keeping track is most easily done by rating played ones and then using the “Maps you rated” and “Maps you did not rate” functions on


Current dump:

Is there an updated version of the dump Spirit? I got an hard drive failure lately and I am sad I have to manually download everything again :frowning: Silly me not doing backups for such important stuff.

Is wget or downthemall not an option? Many years ago I used , maybe that would be an option too?

I completely forgot I could do it this way (and you said it earlier on this thread, heh). That will do, thanks!