Can't find map

I can’t run maps. Apparently, everything is ok but I have this problem: can’t find map

Here you can see the pictures of what I’ve installed and the message that appears.

Can you help me guys?


The pictures:

What’s this “Forever” thing, and have you read the instructions to it?

What’s in the “Quake 2\forever” folder? I’m fairly certain you should’ve placed the mod files there instead, as “Quake 2\moddir\maps\Forever” makes no sense for pak files.

Additionally, are you sure the mod starts from forever.bsp? It’s unclear from the directory shot, because everything is packed.

“-game” looks suspicious, because I can see “+set game” in my bat files, but I have no idea how KMQ2 is supposed to work, and I haven’t messed with Quake 2 in a long time.

Forever is a mod created by Markshan (KMQ2 creator). Sorry I should have put an example of the problem with a map of this quaddicts so you can understand me better, but I have the same problem with any map, those from quake injector too.

I open quake injector, I install a map, I press “play” and the original quake 2 starts running and not the map. When I write in the console game + mapname it says: “game will be changed to mapname” but nothing happens. Do you have any idea why is this happening?

I thought Quake Injector was for Quake, not Quake 2?

“game” is for changing the mod directory, I’m assuming. This shouldn’t be required for separate maps. Since Forever is a mod, then it won’t hurt (shortcut should already be taking care of it though), but I’d still check if it’s installed properly.