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Forum thread for bbin1

I would have prefered this as an addendum to bbelief rather than a DB entry of its own. It’s little more than an experiment, not a brand new experience.

So are countless other packages on this site. Every file should have an entry. Grouping would be awesome, patches welcome™.

No non-1024x768 screenshots please.

bbin, simply bbin :')

Unregistered user “QuakeForever” posted:

An impressive and somewhat innovative technical accomplishment, even if it’s nothing new. If you haven’t already played bbelief, it’s just as worthwhile as the real thing (unless you prefer to use a weaker engine). If you have already played bbelief, it might still be worth a look to see how it all flows together.

Unregistered user “konstructor” posted:

Me never played BeyondBelief so my mouth’s watering…
…but what’s the point of this if there are no differences with the original ?

Technical novelty and curiosity. :slight_smile:

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I’d like to play this on my Mac, but BSP2 requires a recent version of QuakeSpasm, and it seems that only v0.90 has been released as a Mac package. Does anyone know if the QuakeSpasm people plan to make a Mac release with the BSP2 support?

Ah, not to worry – this works on v0.90 so long as bump the max_edicts setting. So for example:

quakespasm +skill 2 +max_edicts 2048 +map bbin1

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Thoroughly enjoyed this, but without really feeling that having it all in one map added anything over the original. (In fact it suffered from the fact that the secret-count didn’t allow me to make a judgement about when I’d cleared an area.)

All in all, an impressive technical feat, but not necessarily one that I’m keen to see repeated.

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Unregistered user “Dave” posted:

This is brilliant, can someone do the same for the standard Quake episodes?

Unregistered user “X” posted:

I’ll do it unpaid!

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The map.

Still relevant to this day and still amazing. Watching Matthias’s retrospective stream is very enlightening to hear of the trials endured during the birth of quake editing.

The fact this is one full map is pretty damn fantastic so thank you Negke!

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That was a… fatiguing experience. I went out to get pizza half way through, which was a much needed break. I’m just not built to play 45 minutes of solid quake action in one sitting!