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Forum thread for nyarlathotep

Great fun; weird and bloody and good to play with plenty of atmosphere.

Unregistered user “jdstoner” posted:

this is all i wanted for the holidays!

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I’m sorry, but I legitimately hated it.

Thanks for the early Christmas present, Tronyn!

Fantastic, beautiful work and (obviously) very original gameplay.

Quite tricky, especially initially. Somewhat less so once you get the hang of it, but still, this is a map that can give you muscle cramps. It’s worth it, though, and I recommend noclipping through once you finish, just to admire the scenery.

It took me several tries and many saves to get through this, and oddly, once I encountered a shambler – but only once. Was I supposed to?

Unregistered user “Tronyn” posted:

Right, there’s only one Shambler in the first map, not even one on easy. There are a few more in the second map nyar2.bsp (which is in the same BSP2 format as “Something Wicked” and thus requires RMQEngine, DarkPlaces or FTEQW, whereas the first map nyar.bsp should be playable in any engine - tested in Fitz which seems the most popular choice around here.

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Thanks for the response, Tronyn. What I meant is I only saw the Shambler during one playthrough – it didn’t appear the other times, for some strange reason, even though I seemed to do the same things each time, so its appearance should have been triggered. I played in DarkPlaces, just like I did “Something Wicked”.

Then again, maybe I’m just ditsy – I didn’t even notice there’s a second map (I assumed there was just one and quit after completing it). Well, even more to look forward to later!

Wow, I though the first map was hard – that second map is brutal (I had to stick to skill 0, and doubt I’ll ever get through it on anything higher). It looks spectacular, though, and I like how it continues the vertical ascent, and manages – despite initial appearances – to be more than just an arena. I thought the ending was a bit sudden; I would have liked a moment more to catch my breath and take in my surroundings after that last kill.

Overall it’s great how the lower gravity not only makes unconventional vertical progression possible, but also dramatically changes combat dynamics: certain weapons need to be aimed differently, some enemies become easier and others harder, and you need to use a different set of evasive manoeuvres.

Personally I found the map pack frustrating and exhausting at times (no doubt due to lack of skill on my part), but certainly very worthwhile.

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(PS: I meant “Christmas” in the entirely secular, any-reason-to-receive-presents sense. No religious implications whatsoever. I should have said “Quakemas”, damn it.)

Enjoyed it.

i liked both maps alot. the first map me wonder how hard ziggurat vertigo may be with ‘marksmen’ ogres!
it is nice to see maps with different gravity. that’s one thing i havent seen much of.
the second map was more difficult for me.

with all the invaluable, exceptional mappers that contribute to quake, yours tronyn, by far, are the most difficult!
keep doing what you do.

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Video with commentary

Unregistered user “tb” posted:

Tronyn has made my Christmas for the second year in a row. Dare I hope for a hat-trick?

Two huge maps but very fast-paced due to the abundance of zombies and relatively few big tough monsters. I enjoyed the narrow vertical feel of the first one and the second was classic Tronyn excess, perhaps his craziest design yet. Also good to see the mummy making an appearance, although the guardian felt a little out of place on the first map and a few more might have been welcome on the second.

Very nice video, Daz. I especially like your opening shot as you noclip through the first map.

Pity you got so frustrated in the second map (I actually liked the trickiness of it, as that is what made it more than just an arena. The first map is the stronger of the two, though, in my opinion).

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