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Unregistered user “Bloughsburgh” posted:

Anyway to change “MJB” under list of authors to Bloughsburgh?

I think I am going to just put my entire username in bsps from now on.

Yeah, it can be confusing for people who don’t know that MJB=you (on the other hand, MJB is much faster to type).

LP is referred to only as LP - this is Lane Powell, right?

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Yeah, my map is called retrojam6_lp, but my readme says Lane Powell. If lp could be changed to Lane Powell that would be great!

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Retro Jam 6: Part 1 on The Quake Grave

Starting off with the first 6 maps in this pack (in alphabetical order by author name) this has so far been a VERY strong pack of maps!

Bloodshot - I love the look of this map. It’s not as retro feeling as the others, but the Egyptian is strong with this one. The hazy beginning, to the booby trap, to the colored lighting and overall flow of the level-- there is a lot to like here. Nice job!

Breezeep - I really liked the flow of combat in this one. From room to room, you’re getting a slightly different fight each time. The room with all the fiends and the Shambler is pretty challenging and intimidating at first but felt good to make it through it. Nice work!

Danzadan - I love the blue motif with this one. Quake is so brown all the time, not that I mind the brown as I’m used to it in Quake, but the blue is a very welcomed change. Some of the areas feel very cramped, which is reminiscent of older maps, but some times it feels a little too cramped when there are like 15 enemies running around. Huge fight at the end is nuts! Good work on this one!

DOOMer - This map is in contest with dumptrucks for feeling the most retro. I really liked this one because of how much it felt like an old, short 1997 era Quake map. Nice job capturing that!

Dumptruck - As stated above, this map and Doomer’s so far are the 2 in contest for most retro feeling. While Doomer’s has smaller rooms and is overall the shorter map, dumptrucks adds in a bit more with a few crazy rooms and fights. Especially the Black pyramid room that I think is pretty stand out. Watch to see the rest! As a note, this map also doesn’t launch correctly through Quake Injector unless you edit the map name in your directory.

FifthElephant - Fifth rarely makes a bad map and he’s not going to start now. Here is a very strong, short and sweet map that does a great job bridging the gap and crossing between a contemporary map and a retro one. Great job!

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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Sorry for interrupting your review Arrcee… here are my thoughts.

TLDR: Superb work in all, a very entertaining and polished pack. khreathor was the most poetic, otp the most enjoyable and vibrant, and shout-outs to pulsar, skacky, fifth for visual creativity among a very high level of visuals overall. Also mukor, mjb and newhouse for experimental gameplay.

Random general observations: some of the levels clearly prioritised visuals over combat. Certain combat cliches became boring as I went through the pack, particularly gibbing zombies. A number of authors used individually modelled blocks/bricks/tiles protruding from walls and floors - personally I feel this rarely adds any meaning to a design.

retrojam6_bloodshot: excellent architecture with a good feeling for scale, simplicity and monumentality. Layout is linear which results in great readability. Nice chunky decorative brushwork, some fun traps. Good use of coloured lights and fog. Varied and pacy, although generally simple and open, combats.

retrojam6_breezeep: elegant design, very strong waves gameplay. Purist, retro feel executed with polish and high-ceilinged majesty. Combats were fun although there weren’t many fresh ideas. Middle fight in room with alcoves opening is most interesting, as I was forced to dangerously use grenades against fiends and shamblers.

retrojam6_danzadan: mostly square, symmetrical rooms broken up with catwalks and columns. The main wall and trim textures are a bit ugly perhaps, and the visual style was too ornamented for my taste. Combats were crowded, chaotic and fun.

retrojam6_doomer: very retro in both square-corridor, symmetrical construction and tropes like grenade-zombie, shambler-column, catwalk-lava, hellknight gallery. Lacking in drama and flow, too much health and some questionable button and door business - either pointless backtracking or pointlessly obvious button placements. Some sense of majesty though in the big square rooms and constructions.

retrojam6_dumptruck_ds_revised: Tense, quiet beginning was atmospheric. Very game-y/arcade-y. Visuals and progression clear and appealing. Nice variety of slopes, heights and catwalks. Inclusion of safety net teleporter in void was a nice touch. Final combat was either too hard or (if played optimally by hiding) too easy. Favourite part was the Lovecraftian tumble down a dark, twisted shaft.

retrojam6_fifth: gorgeous texturing and brush-work, Serious Sam or Gunman Chronicles or Unreal Tournament-esque. Spaces feel intentional, with a good balance of large-scale shape and cute details - all this contributes to a great sense of (fantastical) place. The architecture has weight and believability. Combats were decent, helped by the sophisticated yet open layouts.

retrojam6_ionous: blocky, retro feel relieved by some pretty trims, a faceted-block motif and an intricate layout. Combat and progression were workmanlike, however the verticality and interlocked spaces allowed for some interesting tactical variation. Enemy placements and use of teleporting were maybe a bit plain and predictable.

retrojam6_khreathor: top notch lighting expressing a sunlight-dungeon opposition. Seemingly plain yet smoothly-finished, grand and monumental architectural style, quite poetic in places but very readable too. Confident use of repetition and scale. Texturing initially seems plain but reveals itself as very polished and intentional. Great use of visual framing. Layout is uncomplicated and symmetrical, based on medium-large rooms. Understated but with a smooth, powerful ebb and flow of drama, both in design and gameplay.

retrojam6_lp: very fast-paced, which made for exciting combats but a hurried progression. Visuals had a distinctive style, abstract, square and intricate, but I didn’t like the texturing (this could be the fault of the texture set). Visuals all in all maybe on the noisy side which was kind of the feel of the whole map - lots of ideas in a small space/time.

retrojam6_mjb: ambitious, sprawling exploration of a water physics gimmick. I admire the creativity and directness of the design but it didn’t hold my attention (probably because the level is so big). Some very pretty-looking areas benefiting from bright, colourful texturing.

retrojam6_mukor: extremely elaborate in every way apart from the basic room layouts which are merely neat. Big respect to the amount of work that went into this level. Tons of fancy brushwork and gameplay gimmicks. Monster placements are fun but overshadowed by the visuals. There’s an overabundance of text but this is partially justified by the funny line “Sebek beckons for gibs…”. Overall this level was too rich for me, both in ideas and visual detail.

retrojam6_nait: very bold, clean, direct approach in architecture, room shapes and monster placements. Gameplay could have done with more gradual build-up at the start. Attractive architectural shapes and quite elegant use of textures, plus nice lighting in some places. Lovely outdoor area. Some nice verticality (used for jumping and a cool shambler fight) although a couple of rooms seemed simplistic compared to others. Very retro, game-y approach.

retrojam6_newhouse: A pretty enjoyable abstract puzzle level. Understated and stylish dim underground stone architecture. Some striking abstract design (with distinctly non-Quake vibes in some places with golden textures and purple lighting, nice) and flips of context. The mostly quite square and open spaces have an austere atmosphere. Nice use of vores as a puzzle element at one stage. All in all refreshing.

retrojam6_otp: out of a lot of great beginnings in this map pack, this has perhaps the most flair. Theme of pyramid shapes used simply and very strongly. The rhythm of exploration and monster discovery/combat is very good. The use of tight and interesting spaces to influence fights is great too, for example there’s a well-tuned vore encounter. A level unashamedly about fun and flow, very well polished, with varied spaces.

retrojam6_pulsar: good use of fog and lighting to keep detailed textures from dominating the excellent brushwork. Grim, dank atmosphere and excellent feel of weighty vaulted stone architecture. The verticality contributes to this. Monster placement feels a bit secondary to the visuals but does have pace and simple forward flow.

retrojam6_skacky: fancy brushwork expressing a convincing dark pulp fantasy vision of an eldritch fortress. Very nice-looking if a bit ornamental for my taste (although the decoration is kept in service to a consistent aesthetic). Good vore and shambler encounters. Visionary and polished.

retrojam6_oasis: good sense of an author creating a space rather than just a game level. Fresh colours and bold fantasy/surreal architecture with some meaningful touches like a green, mossy stone ramp up out of a cavern. Perhaps a bit unpolished in places. Tight, spiral, ascending layout works well.

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Thanks for your detailed feedback for all of the maps! I wish more users would do this as there is no way to know what people thought of the inner workings of the maps!

I agree that my map (mjb) was too large…too ambitious. Scaling it down by a few rooms would have gave me more time to polish what I considered the good bits.


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Retro Part 6 - Part 2 on The Quake Grave

So far so good, not a bad map in the pack so far! I think these next 6 are just as strong as the previous 6!

Ionous - Has a great retro feel and I’m really impressed with how much you did with so little! The fact that this whole level is built on a couple floors within a square is awesome. The only thing I might say is the aesthetic is a little bland, but this is Egypt we’re talking about.

Khreathor - Loved how big this one feels, and really plays well into the Egyptian theme of the whole pack. Excellent pacing, I love how it’s decorated and there are some really cool situations within this one too. This map is just my speed. Nice job Khreathor!

Lane Powell - This map has been the only sole underground map so far. There have bee underground sections, but this one is entirely underground and snowy/frosty! The map feels like you’re raiding a small, tight tomb and with that tightness comes the retro feeling as well. It may be a little too tight at times for my liking, but overall, this was a lot of fun and felt like it was made 20 years ago but with a slight modern approach!

MJB, Bloughsburgh - This might be the most ambitious of the pack that I’ve played so far! Lots of experimentation with the water mazes in the walls, expertly decorated where every room feels a bit different and the map really feels huge! You can tell you really put a lot of time into this one! The only real drawback I could think of was the last room with the water maze before the end…that room was a little frustrating for me to figure out. It’s probably on me, but it felt like there was a lot going on in there. Regardless, great work on this!

Mukor - My initial impression on this one was Wow! It just looks awesome! Some kind of space Egypt thing going on. You can tell you put a lot of work into this one, not just because it looks pretty, but also with all of the crazy stuff going on! Weird console messages, sacrificial pools, skulls and sarcophagi all over the place… all the while, this level feels like it fits right in with Quake! There were a few confusing bits with the navigation for me, but not enough to really knock it for that. Nice!

Naitelveni - Quite a choice to start the map off with a Vore! This map definitely feels like a huge retro style map. It has a lot of crazy enemy sections, where in my opinion, it feels just a little too congested at times. Regardless of that, I like the feel of this one. It feels more lonely and deserted at times, which is an interesting vibe compared to the other maps. Nice job!

Stay tuned for Part 3!

Arf! “Retro Part 6 - Part 2”… ;p