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Not a fan of the changed ogres… If I did not like Quake, I would not play it. :wink:

Lovely vibe overall. Some bits felt a bit tacked on but the UT like textures and lighting are a nice nostalgia bonus.

Screenshot still coming?

Very beautiful – reminds me a bit of sock’s work; specifically In the Shadows.

I thought the map was better to look at than to play, though: it is very linear, and it is easy to get stuck on the (magnificent) level geometry. The secrets are also a little too easy. The modified monsters are … odd. Not sure what to make of them.

In any case, I am very happy to see one of my favourite mappers return to Quake (for those who do not know, WarrenM = Willem).

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Beautiful indeed.

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Good, solid, uncomplicated fun. If I’d not just spend the last few days lost in the wonder of RRP, I would probably have given it four stars; but in light of how the bar’s been raised in the recent months, I think three is more appropriate. There is a prettiness to the architecture but it’s not really enough to lift the level above “OK” level, when the combats are so straightforward, the secrets so obvious, and (worst of all) the progression so linear.

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Its straightforward, from point A to point B. I enjoyed it a good bit but IMO it could use more enemies.

It was really pretty to look at and you never felt like an area was underdetailed or bland.

Unregistered user “LeopolD” posted:

Excellent, looks beautiful throughout. Since I am a little rusty in SP, I didn’t mind the linear gameplay.

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Unregistered user “Daniel” posted:

Good map!

Really nice looks! The Red armor secret was nice!

I thought the tight ledge on the cliff at the start was more annoyance then challenge though, felt a bit frustrated to be so contricted when there’s multiple grenades coming at you.

Also think the skull cave would look better more assymetric.

But nice work!

The Hell That’s Coming on The Quake Grave

I died a lot but I had fun in this one! A couple areas of the map are just too dark (cave, area before the arena) but when you can see the castle, it looks beautiful. Great look, good atmosphere, just a little dark in areas. Great work!

…oh, but no more group Spawns, okay? =P

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Unregistered user “WarrenM” posted:

Thanks guys!

Unregistered user “Lord of the Undead” posted:

Good map here! I love the tone shifts. The water tunnels were really claustrophobic and stressful and the arena fight started and stayed frantic. The shambler mod was a nice touch. I really admired the architecture too. All around fun level to play.