Demo Upload Discussion

Might be worth having a thread about this feature.

Was planning on following up on Spirit’s suggestion to upload a demo for Backsteingotik, but decided the demo has too much wandering around, time wasting and one of the secrets glitched out on me (Not exactly legit) I’ve been considering doing a cleaner run instead for upload. While I get around to that I have three questions regarding uploads;

First: Do you have any specific file name structure for uploaded zips you’d prefer, just to keep things tidy when they’re being archived?

Second: Could you include multiple demo files in a single zip? Let’s say you were doing a 100% run but HAD to stop recording halfway and continue later, creating two demos of a single run.

Third: Any specific preferences to 100% runs? Say I recorded a demo, got 100% first time, but the demo length is padded since it is the first time playing it. Or would a demo that feels more to the point be better? I’m sure this one is simply down to uploader preference and I guess that’s what the description form is for afterall. What’s your take on this?

  1. The archive file is being renamed by the server automatically. See for examples. The files inside can be named however you like but I myself prefer a similar scheme. Less annoying if the engine does it for you. :wink:

  2. I think we should restrict to demos with no deaths.

  3. In my opinion, right now, there is no “quality” assurance needed. People could always upload “better” demos later. Trying to be perfect is the roadblock to success. I am uploading any complete playthrough I do myself, regardless of how stupid I might have been. :slight_smile:

Alright, cheers. I’ll upload the existing run anyway then to get things rolling onwards, afterall I’m not sure when I’ll do a more ‘perfect’ playthrough of it just yet.