DirectQ link missing

As an FYI the link to DirectQ on the Recommended Quake Engines page leads to a dead page.

Also is there a place one can download it now that that page is gone? I did a bit of googling and didn’t turn up anything different.

You can download it from the quaddicted archive:


It says that it’s actively developed. Link provided by ericw has only version from 2009 :frowning:

Nvm, i lookedat the wrong column. Anyway, why source code for the most actual version is nowhere to be found ? No more free license ?

[quote=ericw]You can download it from the quaddicted archive:[/quote]

Updated the Recommended Quake Engines page, adding the above link. It’s not a very pretty solution, but at least in the mean time it should help others who find themselves in Lane Powell’s position.