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Unregistered user “Bozo97” posted:

Damn, who made that startmap? It burns hot.

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Some great maps, with dull gameplay.
I mean this mod takes too much time before the fun starts, and it starts on wave 10+ for me.

Skacky’s map is absolute gorgeous, I wish he make regular SP version.

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Even though I contributed a map to this I have to agree with AAS. It takes too long for the difficulty to become challenging, I felt like my map wasn’t fun enough but it is fun when it gets harder.

I think the way many of the maps were designed was around the higher difficulty waves and thus the build up is not as fun, including my own. Looking at my own map now I should have let the map open up as you get into the higher waves. That way the arena would be smaller and more challenging in the lower waves.

what the apropriate engine to run this perfectly??

Use http://quakespasm.sourceforge.net/

You may also consider usage of https://www.quaddicted.com/tools/quake_injector to simplify installation maps from this site.

it will run with darkplaces?

Pleeaaasse release a “single player pack” of these maps!!

Unregistered user “Dave” posted:

This is amazing! Please make more Qonquer.

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Tweaked lighting version of hypnos map.


Unregistered user “dokka” posted:

wow ! I don’t know Conquer mod and don’t care about playability but what I’m seeing in the screenshot is absofuckinglutely amazing !

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I’m unsure how to rate this. Everything looks amazing! Quake combat is difficult to set up well in this horde defense format though.

Scampie’s “Quicker Qonquer” mod helps. http://scampie.net/files/QuickerQonquer.zip That speeds up the enemy progression and fixes a bug. If you want to get the fixed/changed behaviors from that mod into jam 5, all you need is to copy the new progs.dat into your jam 5 folder.

If you just want to see IMO the best gameplay in the pack, then try the maps by FifthElephant and Scampie. Scampie’s is a multi-arena map – arena 1 is the standout, actually the best arena in the pack overall, although his arena 3 is definitely worth a play in its own weird way.

Since Qonquer maps are arenas, you can quickly see what a map has to offer, so all the others are still worth a look too. Some great Quake architecture, and they’re all fun for at least a few Qonquer rounds.

I’ve played a little of this. I think I just have to conclude it’s not for me. I’ve never seen the point of combat for its own sake – deathmatches never held a lot of appeal for me, and Q3A completely failed to light my fire – and that’s what this feels like to me.

I would love to see proper Q1SP versions of these maps, and I fervently hope that someone – either the original authors, or an enterprising mapper looking for new challenge – upgrades them to single-player maps. There’s evidently some very lovely architecture here.

I won’t award a score for this pack: it would be unfair of me to give a low mark because of personal gameplay preferences.