[First Post] Looking for maps with a specific feel

Hello, people of Quaddicted! I am usually outside of the Quake community as I felt it as a little “cancerous” in the lack of a milder term, but after reading quite a bit of this particular forum, you seem very cool in comparision to the bad examples I have seen so far. As for the topic itself – I am searching for maps with a very peculiar feel I have fallen in love with. It is hard to describe, but to me it is like an older MS-DOS occult horror game (ala Waxworks, but more esoteric) was brought to 3D graphics directly, still full of its pixels. Among those that gave me this were Arcane Dimensions’ Necromancer’s Keep (I might be wrong with the name) and the very recent Lords of Chaos, both powered by threathening and spooky, if a little cheesy text messages that really add to the “edgy '90s horror” feel. Does anyone know more maps full of this atmosphere?

I would recommend “The Sealed City” by ijed, which is map number 3 in his WarpSpasm release. ijed is a master at crafting unsettling atmospheres.

If you don’t mind older maps that are somewhat plain-looking by contemporary standards, you may also enjoy “Shadow Over Innsmouth” by Steve Rescoe.

Agree with JMP - whole Warpspasm has terrible atmosphere. You also can try Zer [Zerstörer] and Contract with its successors and tributes - any Knave textured map

I’m not sure it’s what you’re looking for, but the second map of Tronyn’s https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/unforgiven.html episode “The Strange High House In The Mist” has been on my mind today and definitely has a particular atmosphere.

Arcanum, map 1