Forgotten map name

Good morning all,

A week ago I was checking out Epochs of Enmity, Alkaline 1.1 and a few other maps using Injector. Just bouncing through each map briefly to get a quick taste. One of them had this mechanic I found really interesting: you grab a Pentagram and have to swim under lava, through a tight passage, to get a key (I believe, perhaps a switch?) and make it back before the Penta wears off. For the life of me I cannot remember the name/location of this map. I believe it was a metal map.

I’m hoping that someone else has encountered this map. I apologize I don’t have more detail.

Thank you very much for your time and patience.

Covered in gibs,

I’ve replayed through EoE just yesterday! There is this mechanic in eoem7 (Bunker of Barzai, by Greenwood if I am not mistaken).

Yeah sounds like Bunker of Barzai from Epochs of Enmity, although it was also released separately and can be found on quaddicted.

The use of Pentagram to swim in lava was first encountered in Quake’s first (shareware) episode in secret level E1M8 - while invulnerable, swim through a bit of lava to find a secret area.