ftp.telefragged.com recreated

I did not post about this earlier, only mentioned in IRC I think. A while ago I downloaded the whole telefragged/ directory from atomicgamer. Back in the days there was a file server ftp://ftp.telefragged.com with many Quake files on it. Telefragged later became Atomicgamer and to get some roubles coming in they changed the site to a Fileplanet like “click 5 times and wait 2 minutes to finally get a download link”. I do not like such sites and I really wanted to have an archive of all those files. So I wrote a Bash script and let it run for some days.

Timestamps were recreated from what atomicgamer showed as file date. Same for filenames. There will be some missing files and wrong timestamps as well as wrong filenames because nobody is perfect.

Anyways, this should be a rather complete reconstruction of the old ftp://ftp.telefragged.com download server.


Thank you so much for this. Knowing how dependent i3d is on TF~AG for hosting, it has never been a pleasant thought to consider just how much of the historical tutorial related files could blink off into the ether if worse came to worse.