Fundraising for 2016

Hi folks!

Last year had some unplanned expenses (also some donations) and changes. In July I rented an expensive server to help with the Atomicgamer archival. That was 37€ for 7 days of a 8 terabyte machine at OVH. Apart from that I switched from OneProvider to Hetzner. First it was only meant as another machine to support the Atomicgamer project but I decided to keep it because I had grown increasingly frustrated with the OneProvider quality and service (Hint: Avoid them!). At OneProvider I based everything on OpenVZ containers so the switch was fairly quick.

Still, the Atomicgamer situation and OneProvider suckage lead to some serious downtime for Quaddicted and the other hosted sites. Sorry about that!

The new server at Hetzner is quite powerful. It costs 36€ per month. i7-3770 with 16 Gigabytes of RAM (sheesssh!) and 2x3 Terabytes of storage space (yaaaaay!). We are not even using half of its space so far. If you have suggestions or file archival projects you would want to work on yourself, please shout. I never created that dem2mkv2youtube service I once thought of. Maybe you want to do some QuakeExpo 2016 stuff?

I also bought some shovelware discs off eBay which I plan to rip and scan perfectly some day. I might buy a good CD drive for ripping in 2016 to make this happen properly. I kind of fancy buying all Quake related releases there are to once and for all provide the world with perfect rips…

Anyways, all is well about money and life! In 2014 we raised much more than needed, last year was well covered as well. As before, there is no need for money but having everything community funded makes it feel great. :wink:

So, for this round of funding the goal is:
12 months x 36€ for the server = 432 €
Domains ~= 30 €

So let’s say: 460€!

]You can donate via to spirit|quaddicted|com (just click the link), I think there is a way to get around fees by saying it is for a friend?/]
]You can mail me for bank transfer details (I am in Germany), I highly prefer this option if it gets us around fees./]

If we overshoot again I will use anything above 460€ to gift Quake via to anyone who needs a legit copy. I generally use the funds freely and without much thought for anything Quake or gaming archival related so if you feel uneasy about that, don’t donate. As I said, Quaddicted is in no danger in any case. I totally use the server for private things and non-Quake stuff so I am happy to pay my share.

If you are disgustingly rich, send me

All the best to you and enjoy the holidays, Spirit

Already one third funded, I love you guys! Thanks.

Hm, the image requires a hard refresh or it won’t update in my browsers. We are at about 75% already! <3<3<3

Oops, I miscalculated and we’ve been funded for two days already!

Thanks to everyone supporting Quaddicted (and Spirit’s excentric hobbies)!