GLQuake 1.13a

Dear friends , tell me , why not start GLQuake unofficial version 1.13a on Windows 10 64 bit ?

The game does not start , but also not to say that this version is not compatible with 64 -bit .
What is the problem?

GLQuake is rather old, it may simply not work on newer operating systems. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I’d recommend QuakeSpasm:

In that case , why then run GLQuake 0.98? For the purposes of the port older version 1.13 , but it works.
I am familiar with almost all the ports in the earthquake , but I had my own special plans for this version .
Thank you for your advice.

Hey stuck with the Gl 1.13 because is far superior to Gl 0.98 and such .
GL 1.13 has fog, shadows, smooth motions, bump mapping, blah blah