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Hi! :slight_smile:
Just discovered Quaddicted, it’sgreat!!!

I wonder if there are some good single-player maps that work with vanilla quake (I’m currently using the Mac version of Fruits of Dojo, I like the original style with pixels and square particles, so I’m not interested in modern engines) .


Hi there,

You should pay interest to modern engines, there are quite a few that support the unfiltered texture look you are after.
Try for example, the console command for unfiltered rendering is gl_texturemode 3.

It runs smoothly on my Macbook and it is being actively developed and maintained.


Hi and thank you for your answer. :slight_smile:
I know Quakespasm, and I’ve yet configured it to get “pixel quake” (no filtering an so on) thanks to Quaddicted articles. :wink:
Nevertheless I’m interested in good single player maps that could run on vanilla Quake, with original engine limitations.
BTW I reallly like the medieval theme.


Here are some favourites of mine that I think ran on winquake (usually the map author will indicate in the readme file):

For more, try sorting the Maps page here at quaddicted by date and look for highly rated maps from around the year 2000ish.
Also could check the level review site teamshambler, archived here:

edit: I guess none of my suggestions are medieval, lol. You can always type ‘medieval’ in the filter box on the maps page here in Quaddicted as well.