Hello! I am a new user!

Hello, I am new around here. I was never really a fan of Quake, until this past month. When I played Quake, later on, I realized I got the mechanics down instantly. Not a pro, but somehow a medium skill, even though I never played Quake a lot. Right when I beat Quake, I was an instant fan. Hell, This game remains to be the only old-school shooter I beat without cheats. I was interested when I saw a DS Dumptruck video talking about how to archive maps here. Anyways, Hi! Also, I am 14 btw.

Welcome! I’m glad Quake is turning out to be a ‘timeless’ game. If you know dumptruck’s channel you’ve probably seen his Must-Play Quake series, the only thing I’d add is Beyond Belief if you want a fun episode in the vein of the originals.