Hello :)

Hi, Just thought I might as well join this wonderful site :slight_smile:

I’m an old school quaker, well if 42 is old? :smiley:

Played it when first released and over the passed decade I made it an annual event to dip in and complete on nightmare and all the exp packs…hmmm those Shamblers were getting too easy so I headed off to find something new and ended up here !!!

WOW! what a site, great info and news. I installed Darkplaces and wow Quake is more beautiful than ever so I started downloading a few maps, got totally confused with loading the things but managed to play a few.
Saw the injector programme and that’s changed everything!!! I have been playing a ridiculous amount of maps over the past ummmm 2 months? and so thought I must join to comment on these awesome creations !!

Anyways, must get back to Quake :slight_smile:


Welcome Yuccaz! Enjoy your stay!

Welcome, I’m new here too, decent site, one of the best ones I’ve seen content/design-wise, minimalistic


Just some months ago, a cousin of mine told me about Quake, I give it a try, and I loved it!..It has something fascinating which most of modern games lack. I confess that still don’t finished the classic maps…I’m a bit ashamed :slight_smile: … But you know what? The possibility to play those “new” maps designed by such devoted and talented fans is irresistible, lol…I feel those levels and maps more alive, infused by an special creative passion; it’s like to enter in enthralling and consistent worlds which at the same time partake of the inner and intimate landscapes of those creators.
Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Hi Laura,

Welcome to Quake!

There are plenty of maps to experience so be sure to head to the maps section and check out all there is to offer. My recommendation is to sort by rating and user comments to find the best of the best.

Also, use the Quake Injector for user friendly map installation!

Hi Bloughsburgh,

Thanks for your welcome and recommendations!

Yeah, that’s what I’m doing… When I feel like I want to play a new level, I take a look at the cool map section of this site for a new “quaddose”.

The instant filter function is very useful too; if, e.g, I want something epic a la Kinn, I just have to write “epic”, “huge”, “castle”, or something like that, and immediately I have a collection of maps where to choose!

Hmm…I have to try the Quake Injector then.