I just saw that some new users introduce themselves, so hello there. :slight_smile:

I discovered Quake in 1997/98 and it was immediately clear that this was an outstanding game like no other. Back then I played through everything I could find. Without internet access until 2003 (haha) I only knew the official expansions back then. After a long Quake break it’s only now (oh, those lost years…) that I’ve discovered Quaddicted and the incredibly extensive modding community and am blown away by the high quality output of these talented people. You people are doing a great job, really. Please keep up the good work, it’s really great to see how much imagination, dedication and heart and soul you put into expanding Quake lore. Thanks to you I can rediscover my favorite game!

So what’s more to say… I’m 37, I’m an ok player with somewhat rusty skills and I enjoy delving into this great game again, it’s like back then, only better! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the site!

Like you, I played Quake as a kid but didn’t have internet and wasn’t able to discover the custom maps until much later. It’s funny how the community can be very nostalgic while also releasing so much cool, innovative stuff.

Thank you! Yeah that’s what keeps it so interesting for me, both nostalgia and innovation… Quake is a unique and timeless gem! :slight_smile:

I’m a bit younger than you, found Quake a little later, and found this site several years earlier, but other than that I think our stories are pretty much the same. By the time I was using the internet to find modifications for games and experiment with my own, I’d left Quake behind. Funny how it became the one I’d keep returning to.

That’s really interesting. Everyone here has their own strong connection to this game. Cool to see that there are so many people who share the same passion. Having so much to catch up on at once makes the amount and quality of output seem even more bombastic to me. It just blows my mind that people like you invest so much of their time to create such great maps, packs and episodes. It would be interesting to create something that comes even close. Maybe I will give it a try some day.

August 1996 (along with my first PC) and was one of the first two PC games I bought. The other being Championship Manager 96/97…