Help finding 'conservative' improved model pack (not Authentic Models)


I recently made a fresh Quake installation and I’m struggling to find an improved model pack I have been using for some time, as I don’t remember its name or author.

It is a “conservative” remodeling pack that subtly improves enemies and weapons, keeping Quake’s original spirit untouched. I have tried the Authentic Models but it is not what I am looking for, as it heavily modifies a number of models (maybe the grunt model is the same -or very similar- included in the pack I’m missing).

Thanks in advance!


I have many models of various monsters and weapons (Authentic, Chillo and other authors unknown to me). I also opened the following topic here. If you are interested in my message, tell me, I just need to put everything in one pile, because I do not use everything that I have. I added skins to some monster models so that they can be used in Copper, Quoth and Arcane Dimensions.

Hi Andrew!

Thanks for your answer, I checked your links and, sadly, it is not what I’m looking for…

Maybe I just had a mixture of different authors, but I’m almost sure I downloaded the whole of it from just one source.

Weapons were the Dwere models, which are exactly what I’m looking for the rest of entities (enemies, boxes). Simple and subtle improvements that, nonetheless, do make a difference. Here is an example:

For the rest of models, I have only hints: the grunt was probably the Authentic Models one, though the Ogre was definitely not; the fiend had glowing eyes that were visible in darkness… but anyhow none of the changes made it feel different from the original game.

Here’s everything I have in the Quake game. I just archived everything I had in my folders. Everything is used with the QSS engine. I didn’t copy the models from Dark Places. Thanks to Chillo, the guys of “Authentic models” and unknown authors.

Many models in the archive have high-resolution textures. I had to adapt many textures for the QSS engine because it distorts high-resolution textures. I have more or less chosen the dimensions by trial and error, so that the game does not spoil the textures. I added a nozzle flash to the rocket launcher model from “Authentic Models”.

I think that you will definitely find something in the archive that you will like. ))))))

I tried some of your assets and, though cool, they’re different to the pack I meant.

ANYWAY, I just found the file on a different PC, so I’m posting it should anybody look for the same I was missing. It’s a simple pak file to paste in the ID1 folder.

I can confirm that:

  • It includes Dwere weapons
  • The grunt comes from Authentic Models/AD or is very very similar
  • I’d say the dog is from AD
  • Minor rework on other monsters, such as the Fiend
  • Subtle and faithful rework of ammo and health boxes.