Hello everyone, im new here but recenly i start downloading mods for my Quake remaster but always the game tells me that something go wrong and i don’t know if is my game or me, can someone tell me how to mod quake remaster pls?

I cannot directly answer this, as I have not got the new version. I am still using a cloned quake folder from 1997 which has hopped across every system I have owned.

I think though that the new version is mostly just some front end, and that you still have the basic Quake engine and folder structure in the download. If so then make use of one of the alt-engines like QSS, or DP, as long as your on a PC.

The new Quake 2021 can run any files with models, textures, etc., if they are placed in a “pakXX.pak” file with a number higher than the one in the “release/id1” folder. The internal structure of the file should be like in the original game (textures, progs, maps, etc.). Nothing can be deleted or added from the original game file, but you can only rename inside it, for example, the name of the md5 model, if you do not want it to start in the game. The game checks the size of this file at startup and if it has changed, it will not start.

As for using your mods in “Quake Enhanced”.

The path for your mod should look like this for example “E:\Games\Quake Enhanced\rerelease\The name of your mod\pak0.pak, pak1.pak, etc.” and only so. I wrote above that this version of the game accepts only files and folders located inside the “pakXXX.pak” file.

All models must have a texture with a size of no more than 480x480 pixels. The number of vertices in the model should not be very large. At least the game was able to launch my model with 1813 vertices, but it could no longer launch a model with 2300 vertices. I don’t know the exact number of vertices in the model to run the game. “Quake Enhanced” on the KEX engine doesn’t want to connect individual textures. At least I didn’t manage to do it.

If someone managed to connect individual textures, please tell me how you did it. )))

Good luck to you!