High-poly models of ammo, medkits, boxes, items, mobs for QSS engine

I like Quake 1 especially Dark places. But since many cool mods and maps are better adapted for the QSS engine I converted the models for myself so that you can enjoy the Dark places entourage in QSS engine. Maybe someone will be interested in my work. )))

Now all high-poly *.bsp models can be used in the QSS engine. All “maps” models have shadows (the standard “maps” models don’t have them) and there are several variants (2) of models in the archive. I fixed all the offsets (if there are any errors please let me know).
All models and textures are already in the right folders. You just need to copy the files to the root QSS folder of depending on the mods.
The quality of the inner skins is quite good (512х512), in some models the red color glows a little brighter in the dark. Flashing and changing skins (var.2) of medical kits 25 and 100, exploding boxes are made by frames but not by skins (in the original “ID1” game and the “copper” mod).
All the models were in *.md3 format and I converted them to *.mdl format. In some models I fixed lost geometry and shifted texture bindings. If you want to see what the model looks like in the model viewer, you just need to rename the *.bsp to *.mdl file.
Since the models were converted, they lost their connection with the standard texture name and now you need to add “bsp” in the texture name, similar to the “mdl” texture.
Models of ammo for the mod “ad181” were not used because there ammo have many positions and lids on the boxes.


  • *.mdl models have a central binding, *.bsp models have an angular binding (don’t rename the *.mdl models to *.bsp, there will be incorrect centering and offset in the walls and always check the model binding);
  • models of exploding boxes do not work correctly in the “quoth” mod. There’s some kind of algorithm there. You need to copy the standard box models to the “quoth/maps” folder;
  • models of exploding boxes for the “ad181” mod have only the first 2 skins and may not work correctly in non-base maps (you can make all the remaining skins of only one variety)

Download link (ammo, medical kits, exp.boxes):
Preview of models in the classic style (var.1 in “copper”)
Preview of models in the classic style (var.2 in “ID”)

If you want to use the built-in mod "ad181" its own models of medical kits (which are also very good), then the download link below contains only textures for the standard first-aid kits of the mod " ad181". I had to change the texture layout to fit the existing models.

Download link (only textures of medkits):

If you like to use ammo boxes and medical kits from the "Arcane Dimensions" mod, here is a link to download and use these models in the standard " ID1":

Preview of models in the AD style (*bsp for “maps” folder):

Also I converted some item models from *.md3 to *.mdl (from Dark places Epsilon). Now these models work in the QSS engine. And now these models are opened in the viewer except for the suit and wetsuit. The original textures inside the model look good even without additional textures, but in some models the textures look a little dull. I have archived higher-resolution textures.
These models can also be used for other mods, such as "ad181", "copper", "quoth". You only need to rename them and add new skins if necessary.

Download link (some item models):

Thanks to the creators of such wonderful models and textures for Dark Places engine and AD mod which I adapted for the QSS engine.

The topic is no longer relevant and has been replaced by others. All models and links work but are not updated.

If anyone is interested, here is a link to my mini mod, which also has alternative and highly polygonal models. Many of the models are used from Q2021: