How to use Aracan Dimensions weapons on other Quake maps?

If it’s even possible, but if there’s a way to exporting AD weapons on other maps (including the original and the two mission packs), then how do you do that?

Hey kimba90,

You can use the AD weapons in the original Quake campaign. All you have to do is launch Arcane Dimensions as you normally would, then bring down the console and type in the mapname of any map form id’s game (eg e1m1). After the map loads bring down the console again and type developer 1. Now restart the map. Now you can enter the Impusle commands into the console Impulse 200, 205 and 210 to get the Upgrade axe, shotgun and plasma respectively.

To my knowledge there is no way to play AD under the mission packs as these are two separate progs.dat files.

Please note:

After entering developer 1 and restarting, First enter impulse 9 to get all weapons. THEN, enter impulse 200, 205 or 210 to upgrade the weapons.