I could use help making simple Quake 1 map packs.

Ok, essentially I need help doing something that should in my opinion be very basic for someone that knows what they are doing but for me has me totally clueless. I love custom quake content, my only problem is so many awesome pieces of content are only singles maps or a few maps strung together.

I don’t like playing quake for a map or 2, and then needing to closeout the game and load a new map, kinda breaks the atmosphere for me. So all I am asking for help with is simple instructions and what tools to use and how to make simple map packs, for example stringing around 9 or so maps together, with difficulty selection map at the beginning.

Anyone that is willing to help me it would mean the world to me and would offer me quite a bit of fun if I could learn how to do this. Thanks!

There is no need to close or ALT+Tab the game between maps, just load them after the other, using the console while playing. The key to open the console depends on the keyboard, for some is º for others ñ, … It is always a much not used key.

Second option, search for episodes in the map reviews list.

Third, I don´t know if the Quake Injector has a playlist option, you could try. https://www.quaddicted.com/tools/quake_injector