I'm not able to rate any map for the last two weeks

Is this a bug for me, or did I accidentally down-rated a map of the site admin?

Thanks Spirit!

You continued to abuse the ratings with anger over miniscule things or even just “traps” so I dropped your votes. They are enabled again but let this be your final warning.

Or(!) do the hearts suggest that you rate maps purely subjectively? In that case we need to change them to something like the editor’s rating.

So, I was damn right. Some site admin didn’t like my votes.

I have right to dislike a map over thinks which you think they are miniscule. It could be because of some nasty traps or any other reason. Rating is a subjective thing by nature.

Anyway, I decided not to rate or comment any map from now on, because I’m greatly offended by this and I don’t want to participate in reviving this dead site. You can delete all my previous comments as well.

The WiederHater trolling did it.

And while I also find such extreme and undifferentiated ratings annoying - where minor issues in a map or individual failure during play result in a complete rejection and thrashing of the whole level despite any good features it might have - there seems to be a clash between the editor’s and user ratings system which should be addressed.

The editor’s rating takes several aspects into consideration, like date of creation, contruction quality (especially in the context of the former) etc, not solely gameplay. Purpose is to be a bit more objective than pure personal opinion, although cleary not everyone will always agree with these ratings. The idea is to give players a rough outline of what (which overall quality) to expect.

Do user ratings, on the other hand, have to adhere to the same principles? This is the tricky part, as we never set fixed guidelines for it, which naturally leads users to assume the 1 through 5 ratings work like on most other sites. So the (unmentioned) question for user ratings is not how one would consider a map in objective terms, but obviously more like how much one enjoyed playing it - ranging from “I didn’t enjoy it at all” (1) to “I enjoyed it very much” (5).

In this sense, such ratings have to be accepted, even if we disagree with the rating itself and the reasons it’s based on. Normally, it would pan out to a proper average score if enough people rated maps they played - currently they don’t (rating from within the Quake Injector might help a little) - so more often than not individual votes stick out like this and ‘skew’ the initial impression.

I think it’s unfortunate that the editor’s ratings are also displayed as a number of hearts on the list page, because this suggests a correlation between the two systems. It just has to be made clear that an editor’s rating “Crap” (1), for example, means that a map is horribly constructed, erroneous and generally unplayable, while a user-rated 1-heart map only means it’s unenjoyable for one individual player.

Like negke said, you specifically created a new account just to give “wieder” two 1/5 ratings. That was abuse which motivated me to be the rather childish dropping of your subsequent ratings.

As the admin of this site I do not care how people rate maps as long as their ratings are fair. All this would be no problem if more people would leave ratings. I am sorry that at this point extreme ratings skew the outcome too much. You are always welcome back.

I wrote http://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/index_bayes.php a while ago (you must be logged out to make it work correctly). That changes the list back to editor rating as text and user rating to a number (bayesian average). I much prefer it to the gay hearts. The bayesian average should account for extreme votes as well but the site really needs more people making ratings for any user rating system to work well.

I also often thought about a simple like vs dislike system but that would be terrible without a bigger userbase. Would make rating easier but also remove the granularity. As a user I want to be able to differentiate so I myself can look back at my votes and see more than a 50/50 choice.

I did not throw away your latest ratings, they were just not added to the database. If you want them for your personal records, just say and I will mail them to you.