It's that time of the year

Hello everyone, please drown this site in presents contributions. Go from lurker to Quaker. How about:


]Most of is a wiki. You can edit and create pages!/]
]You know PHP and SQL? I am looking for someone to give my map/review database code a good security inspection before I open-source it (in hopes for help)./]
]Are you a community person? Frequenting many non-Quake forums? Spread the word. Keep people updated about new releases, educate them about nice engines, tell them that they should play Quake. Seriously, this is probably the best and most important thing anyone can do for our little community. I tried to do that in various places but it is exhausting so I stopped./]
]You like Quake engines? Look at Improve it and add other engines. Add screenshots./]
]You like tools? See above. Also pages like this almost empty reference are super handy. Also a]
]You are a secret hunter? Add guides! See my quick and dirty as example./]
]You read a lot? Find more magazines that talk about Quake in any way, add scans, transcribe scans.]
]Do not worry about breaking things. If you just want to try editing the wiki, there is the]

[h]Monetary[/h] will be running on a new server once I get around moving the files. Probably once the Fileplanet archival is finished. That new server only costs 3€ more per month, has the same hardware (I got lucky) except for a bump of harddisk space from 200 gigabytes to 2 terabytes. I will fill that up in no time. If I can, I will host the entirety of Fileplanet’s ftp2 directory, that is all the good old files.

The new server costs 18€ per month. That is 204€ per year.

A couple of years ago there were some text advertisements on the frontpage that paid good money. Sadly subsequent offers went drastically down in amount and I was never too happy with the “cheapening” of the site’s appearance. So I decided against prolonging those. There is still but apart from that those funds have been depleted.

I would like to work more on documenting all the releases of Quake and related commercial content. You can find For this I would need to buy some releases if I cannot find trustworthy rips and scans.

So, send your money to a student who has no income! If you want to use bank transfer instead (at least in Europe that would mean no or lower fees), mail me. Please mention if you would like to be thanked publically or not.

[h]In return[/h]

Apart from being myself and continuing work on collecting and documenting everything, I will be getting a proper (well, free) SSL certificate so you can visit without an annoying “self-signed certificate” warning. Stupid broken system… No one cares about this anyways so I think it is a rather selfish gift. :wink:

I also plan to set up some more automated preservation stuff like daily mirroring of public source code repositories and also websites.

A 2012 review post will come some time in 2013. I finally got the Fileplanet archiving back on track!

Thanks to two generous donations we are already at 20% of the hosting costs. Thank you so much!

Another donation I forgot to thank, we are at 30% now!

Also I just realised it is not 2TB but just 1TB. Argh, that will fill up quickly. Hosting all ftp2 would be 1.3TB. Excluding the two biggest, planetbattlefield and some random one still ~800G. We’ll see.

Another 10€ bump it to 35%! Thank you. :slight_smile:

Thanks for keeping Quaddicted available and up-to-date!

This post reminded me of a tiny thing: a while back I emailed you about the “anihous2” and “odiwan” DM maps mentioned on your “Wanted” page.

You can look back at your email of May 22 for more details, but the short story is that you can get anihous2 here:

and “odiwan” is probably a typo for “obiwan”, which is a map you already have in your SP collection.

My backlog is haunting me. When things scroll past the inbox buffer they get forgotten. Thanks!

I created

And I removed odiwan, as you wrote in the mail, that was a typo on the webpage, the link target actually was there.


And another gift sends the funding to 80€, awesome!

A whopping 60€ just pushed it way past 50% up to 140€. That is 70%. Whoa! Thank you so very much.

30€ closer to the goal, we are at 85% now. Thanks!

Fully funded! Gotta make a new post! Tried making a celebratory Blingee logo but it was scaled down and with a watermark so I did not upload it. :frowning:

distrans, I replied to both your mails. I think you received neither mail?