Jump Mod 2 + Triune Discovery

Hey Quakefriends, here is version 2 of my Jump Boots mod. This mod adds a collectable double jump item, allowing the player to perform jumps in mid-air and reach new heights! There is a version that is carried between levels, and one that is a 30 second powerup and a bit more “super”. The mod is built off my ModJam entry from February, perfected by Sock, muddied up some more by me and added on top of Rubicon 2’s source code. Included in the zip you will find the mod, and basic devkit resources, for those wanting to integrate this mod with their own or build maps with the mod.


Additionally, you will find Triune Discovery; a map pack I’ve been working on for a little while-- 3 episodic maps with 2 extras and a start map. The maps all have something in common: less combat in favor of a platforming and exploration focus. I recognize that this won’t be for everyone, but the lower difficulty levels add some concessions for the less agile. Jump boots 2 mod is required for the map pack, I’ve neatly bundled it all up for your convenience. I hope you all enjoy!




Looking nice!

I like it. It’s simple, but might make a good addition to levels with a metroidvania feel. On its own, the concept quickly absorbs into the player’s toolset and stops being novel about as soon as the episode ends, so its length is well-measured.

Overriding my autoexec.cfg why, exactly?

Great job JCR! :smiley:

There is still something odd going on with the corresponding page on Quaddicted (https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/jumpmod2%2Btd_complete.html). My rating cannot be recorded, and I suspect it’s the same for other users.

Yes, can confirm that something is not right with the Quaddicted page. When I try and submit a comment I get this error: malformed zipname or rating. Doesn’t record my rating either. I’ve pasted my comment down below for posterity’s sake:

Absolutely wonderful little map pack full of lovely details and dripping with atmosphere which takes full advantage of the new ability (jump boots) on offer. The Mayan texture work is exquisite, really adds to the believability of the world and feels totally natural in the Quake universe, as if there was ALWAYS a Mayan chapter! Really creates a sense of place.

The design of the maps is a delightful combination of exploration, platforming and just enough combat to keep things interesting. It’s a combo of mechanics, design and environment that I’ve been looking for a long time with custom Quake mapping and this creation really gave me my fix. The custom music is also incredibly well chosen and fits the environments perfectly.

The gameplay may not be for everyone potentially but this map pack is an instant classic in my view, it’s a must play especially if you’re into more puzzle/platforming/exploration style. 5 stars!