Lighting in Quake Levels.. need help!


I wanted to brush up my skills in level editing, so downloaded the trenchbroom editor, eric tools and configured it properly along with quakespasm engine. I am able to load textures and maps and even compile the maps. But I noticed that even when I don’t put any light in the map, the map comes well lit. And even after adding the light or increasing the intensity, doesn’t make any difference. Any idea as to what exactly could be wrong?

dumptruck’s Quake mapping discord server is pretty active and will certainly be very helpful to you. You can join here:

That sounds like the tools are not compiling the lighting part and gives a flat lighting instead. It could be that you did not tell the compiler to do that, or that the map has a leak somewhere to the void and the map will not perform the lighting.

When you compile without adding any light, the map comes out fullbright, this is normal. The rest isn’t though. Not sure what the problem is without further detail, could simply be a filepath wrongly set in the compiler. I join Gioyo in recommending you to visit the Quake Mapping Discord.