Mapping Problems

Im just a starter fanatic of Quake recently introduced and I don´t have some idea of mapping funcs and trigger combinations, I make a func_group with shoot targets and I move a secret door to this and when I shoot the targets, the targets moves with the secret door and I don’t know what to do, I use TB and QuArK.
In HELP i only find mapping helps and entity, but FUNC and trigger use I not find it…

I need help of the experts, thanks if be help me.
I have more problems but, that for now.

Really, please any helping reply are needed. In quark’s F1 help and TB I don’t found anything telling about the entity functions and triggers, combined with worldspawns

Ok, first welcome to the wonderful world of mapping for quake!

There is a wiki:

It lists most of the entities you’ll need to map: has this site saved too:

The QuArK editor isn’t recommended for newcomers, and it is not being maintained very well these days.
Stick with Trenchbroom, there will be a 2.0 release in the near future.

For any mapping related questions you can always ask on this board. >> Mapping Help is the thread for all your needs.

Note, the most basic questions you’ll have to answer yourself, just ctrl+f in that thread, i’m sure you’ll find there what you are looking for.


Ok. thax