Mods and add ons

i was wondering about what add on’s i should have that is not on quake injector

and can i donate some where to quaddicted for quake injector and there website

Well it depends on what kind of stuff you’re looking for, as well as which engine you use. There are countless mods and add-ons. I suggest you browse ModDB and

As for donations, check the “Be awesome, contribute” link on the main page.

i downloaded some mods then i noticed that quake injector has most them mods so i installed them then over write the files

i have played the navy seal mod i thourght that was pritty cool that wasent on the injector

i have got after shock, shark, quake zone, malice

and i run it on dark places steam… dont play through steam but yeh if you know any add ons that you think would be good

the outher thing was i can install some of the mods with files that are like pak files witch you put folder in quake folder then exicute it with folder name, but how do you install lets say quake it with out the windows 95 to install it on

The thing is, Quake community content is so diverse, both in style and in purpose, that it’s really hard to recommend anything unless we know your tastes and what kind of stuff you feel like playing. There’s mods that will change anything in Quake, from the tiniest tweak to the full-on TC, there’s custom maps and/or episodes that are just that, some that also run with a mod… My best advice at this point is to google keywords like “best Quake mods” and start from there. Once you have a better idea of what Quake has to offer and what interests you, then we can get more specific. Also, I’ve already advised you to browse and The links will send you directly to the pages that you need. For the former, check the “addons” and “mods” tabs. For the latter, check the “Finished Works” section. There’s a lot of interesting stuff under “Works-In-Progress” too, but as the name implies, these are still being worked on.

If you like real-life weapons in Quake, you might enjoy
More than 100 weapons, more than 100 maps… I haven’t played it myself (real-life weapons is not what I look for in Quake) but I think it deserves a look.

DP is a special case: this engine strays quite far off vanilla Quake. As a result, some maps/episodes will have trouble running correctly in DP. Conversely, there are a number of mods that are DP-exclusive, like (though it should be easily adaptable to FTE).

Not sure I understand your question correctly, since according to post #3 you already have installed Quake and played a mod.
Anyway, you don’t need Win95 to install Quake. The original release was a DOS program. There are versions for Mac, Linux, even PSP and mobile phones… You have the Steam release so you can install it on a modern OS easily. Just follow the recommended procedure. Once Quake is installed, Install DP in a separate folder and copy/paste the pak0.pak and pak1.pak files from your original Quake install into your Darkplaces\id1 folder. At that point, you don’t need your Quake install anymore, so you can safely uninstall it after having copied the pak files. Just make sure to store a backup of those files in a safe place, this’ll keep you from having to reinstall everything if you uninstall DP.

yeh downloading ChaosEsque Anthology now looks pritty cool you sound like you know quake i like it a lot as well but i havent played about as much and stuff but yeh downloading sevens smc as well i think that mod looks sickk should be good any outher stuff you would recomend i gess you know most things about quake enough respect for that thanks for the advice

can get chaosesque to work comes up with error’s any help

and i tryed with seven smc i copyed over the pak 3 file and the smc config and it dident work might be because im useing a dark engines steam patch but i dunno

I’ve been playing Quake since 1996 but I only discovered the community a few months ago, so there are people who know far more about it than me… :wink:

Like I said in my previous post, I haven’t played ChaosEsque, so I’m really not the best person to help you with that. You’d better ask the author directly on the ChaosEsque page. Also, even he won’t be able to help if you don’t tell him more about your error.

Again, you should ask Seven on the SMC page.

ok have you seen this on youtube bfg666 told me some interesting stuff