More Complete Archive Of All Quake 1 Bots

Hi, I’m obsessively locating all the old Quake 1 bots (Quake C mods) and mirroring the mod files on Github here:

I’ve also created a cool quake 1 bot genealogy mindmap:

We’re up to about 121 bots now, but the archive is not complete, and we need help.

  • Maybe you know a bot that is not listed?
  • Maybe you have a mod .zip that I cannot track down?
  • Maybe you know about an older version of a bot we can add to the list?

I also have a wish list of broken URLs for bot mods, maybe you have one of these files:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m open to suggestions for great places to look. I’ve been digging through usenet from 1996, through gaming magazine CDs on the internet archive, through old gaming news sites (blues news, etc.) from back in 1996 and so much more.

I’ve also been trying to track down the bot authors themselves to see if they have backups of their old .zip files or source code to contribute to the archive. All email addresses from back then bounce.

  • Maybe you know one of the bot authors and can reach out?

Thanks, Jason.

Awesome project!

Make sure you go through the inside3d, quakesrc and quakedev forums if you can find archives of those.

I looked through your wanted list against my archives and got you some of the missing files:

Self-destructing download here, please spread them widely once you have them.

But on another note, you seem to be repacking the ZIP files :frowning:
Any chance you could also share (even if just with me so I can dump them into a directory in /files/) the original, untouched ZIP files?

This is fantastic, thank you so much! Downloaded and I will process the files and add to the archive shortly.

Noted, I will dig through the backups of the forums!

I spent all yesterday digging through the fileplanet archives. Oh man, that is a massive archive. Getting really good at driving the archive’s web interface :slight_smile:

No repackaging is going on at all!!! That would go against the goal of the archive!

All zips are unchanged and stored in the github project under /bin, e.g.:

You can use the link in the readme to get a bot on the project main page, or you can download from the bin/ directory via the web interface on github or you can download the whole project and access the files in the bin directory (green button on github).

Is Github too confusing to drive for non-programmers? Should I host elsewhere or provide downloading advice on the project?

Oh nice, not sure how I got that impression. Maybe it just was bad luck of a file I did look at. Sorry for the unnecessary blame!

I forgot if I still have a public web interface to the fileplanet archive (minus the home directories) online, did you mean that? I’ll upload the sqlite database of all the files in the public for you later, then you easily check which files are there.

No problem.

I manually dug through the “view contents” for individual pieces of the fileplanet archive listed on the bottom of this page:

A SQL interface or similar for all files in the archive would be a beautiful thing!

Here you go, I resurrected some old PHP:

It will search for matching filenames so better don’t use 1-2 letters :wink:

if any items at have been disabled, just shout and I will see what I can do.

Thanks, I’m very grateful!

I’ve used the link and worked through all my missing files. Found one or two. I/we may have exhausted fileplanet as a resource for missing bots.

Perhaps the best hope now is bot devs that kept good archives of their own and other bots. For example, I reached out to Electro who had an impressive treasure trove of 1999-2000 era bots!!

Hey, so I am working on figuring out Fileplanet things. I am looking for a specific file - from the URL However, I cannot find it on this interface. Is it possible it’s in the ftp2? I am currently downloading the entire archive from, but if there’s any easier way than downloading and decompressing 8TB worth of info…

I will give you a punitive delay of 2 days for posting something unrelated in a focused thread (dude, do you have no manners?) just because I find that very disrespectful, then I will see if I can retrieve that file for you.

As I said in #archiveteam-ot, suggests it is not part of the main archive. So don’t bother downloading any files from that are not numbered in the FileplanetFiles_$startid-$endid scheme. Those numbered files were an earlier archival attempt and are not part of the search index.

If you want to go the “download everything” way, be aware that for each item we also uploaded a log file of the files that are inside of it. You find that behind the “show all” link or by going to /download/, e. g.
That should make it easier.

But again, I have more files that we cannot share publically and in two days, I will check there for you.

You might be in luck, but I need prove that the file was public. Can you show me an URL in that proves that this file was public? Or any other details about the file that proves it?

Sure! The site is still live, actually, so there’s no need to use to show the public file listing.

This site should list the various download URLs. Incidentally, should you have it, I would also be curious about and - which should be in the same area as the file you’ve already found. If I get those, I think I’ll have the complete set of (public) Castlevania fan games from fileplanet. They’ll be put on posthaste.

Nice! I see that page has been in the web archive for ages so I can give out files without problems. I have to take care that I do not leak previously non-public files, that’s why I am so cautious. I’ll see if I can extract all Fileplanet URLs from it and make a nice dump of it all for you.
Phew, that was a lot and sadly quite a bit of work as there were filename case mismatches and I had to hunt many files manually.

And some files from classicgaming/contra/ were also referenced:

You can grab that all using wget: wget -m -np -nH --cut-dirs=3 -R "index.html*"

It’s about 3.3 Gigabytes in total.

It would be great if you could point the good people at at this so they can mirror (or link) the files.

Have fun and thank you for helping getting files back on the web!

Will do, thanks so much!