More new additions (including two new Q1SP maps)

Four more releases join to the Quaddicted database:

First-time Quake mapper Lukasxd has released two maps. While not as impressive as most recent releases by more accomplished authors, it is always exciting to see newcomers to Q1SP mapping – and this brings the total of Q1SP author debuts in 2014 to six six six (the other five being,,, and, or seven including, if you discount

Lukasxd’s is a somewhat abstract map featuring a bizarre floating structure. by the same author is a base map, aptly containing a fair number of crates.

Then there is the impressive but unfinished by Samuel ‘Kaiser’ Villarreal, a demo version (as the title suggests) of an unfinished unofficial expansion pack featuring new/modified enemies and environmental effects, and some neat traps. This was actually already released in 2010 (there is even a dating from 2011), but has only now joined the Quaddicted database.

Despite being obviously incomplete – there are only three playable maps and a skill selection map, and there are some bugs and a new monster with what is clearly a placeholder skin – it is worth checking out. Fans of base maps and the Zerstörer aesthetic are likely to enjoy this.

Lastly, is an older map from the mind of diabolical genius (from roughly the same period as A considerable part of this map re-imagines Doom2’s famous map01/“Entryway”. Like Supmut and, Mutant is very amateurish compared to digs’s later work, but fans (such as yours truly) may find this an interesting peek into this expert mapper’s past.