Multiplayer Quake

Hi all,

I have set up a muiltiplayer-server with quakespasm-spiked. I can connect to it and things seem to work well.
However, I need to use the shareware-version for reasons.

I was hoping to use Aerowalk.bsp. I downloaded the map from quaddicted and unzipped it into the id/maps folder.
When I try it locally I am able to select it in the console by typing map and then pressing tab. So the game
filesystem seems to pick up the folder. But a “map aerowalk” gives me:

Warning: Mod_LoadModel: maps/aerowalk.bsp not found
Couldn’t spawn server maps/aerowalk.bsp

Do I have to have some other pak files? Doing this when running on the server gives me the same error.

Could someone help me out, here :slight_smile: ?

Have a good one, all!

Cheers, qno

OK, I just figured that with quakespasm (spiked) one must have the pak1.pak from the registered version in the id/ folder.
It seems kinda odd, because nquake doesn’t seem to have that restriction? Does aerowalk use some assets from pak1.pak?

Aerowalk has Lightning Gun in the map, and that weapon was not available in the Shareware. Perhaps that could be a reason?

Hey Gila, thank you for your reply!
That would explain it. I am wondering, though, why it is possible with nQuake. It offers an install script, that downloads only the sharewareversion and some other things, but not other commercially available Quake-assets. Maybe the lighting gun is replaced through a custom model there. I haven’t checked.

That sounds unlikely to be the actual cause, the error is specifically about the map file not being found. Are you using a Linux server? Is the file named “aerowalk.bsp” or do you have some uppercase characters in it? Make sure everything really is lower case. And are you sure your executable launches with the correct base directory so it can actually find the maps you want to use? Does it work with start.bsp?

Hi Spirit.

I am using a Linux server. The map is in id/maps/ and is called aerowalk.bsp, all lowercase. I can do “map start” and the game loads
the map and all is good. And yes, all on Linux.


You must have the registered version to use modified games
is the message you get when you try to use other gamedirs without the ‘registered version’ (read: pak1)

in order to prevent you from just shoving everything into id1 to not need to use -game, the engine also refuses to read anything outside of pak0 (there’s an exception for files not in a subdir[read: config.cfg], which is also why pak files take priority[read: to block replacing id1’s progs.dat]).

So yeah, the filesystem code basically doesn’t even check if the file exists, so the map loading code thinks it doesn’t exist, hence the error.

whereas nquake doesn’t give a damn about id’s copyrights at all, and the relevant code has been stripped/rewritten (the vanilla QW code even refused to even start up without the registered version). Hurrah for GPL (that said, its easy enough to bypass that if it wasn’t done in the engine then it’d be done by bundling a GPL copy of the relevant file, and its useful for TCs so might as well be engine, or something). I’m not a lawyer etc.

Huh! Maybe it would be good to write a message to the console what “You must have the registered version to use modified games” actually means technically with this info? “Only content from pak0.pak will be loaded.” or something.

Thank you all for the replys. It’s fine then. I was just assuming that it would work. But as Quakespasm (Spiked) tries to maintain the original’s game behavior I guess it’s the correct. Yes, a more verbose error-message could not hurt.

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That’s a nice service but why do you just waltz in and spam it in this thread? Just make a new thread or even a news post if you want to advertise it. :slight_smile: