Got new pc and set up Quake with Mods, different engines etc but can’t remember how to get the downloaded Quake soundtrack to work on the Mods without music and I’m using using Darknplaces engine atm,
I put the Quake campaign contents MUSIC in ID1 folder but nothing loads… I always enjoy listening to it even on different maps, better then no music at all.
Probably something easy.
Anything would help

Hi there DH1988.
You can put the CD tracks into Quake/id1/music folder. That is fine.
They must be named: track002, track003, track004 and so on. OGG format is fine.
Now your original maps will play the music automatically.

As long as the map itself was created with an embedded music track it will play it.
But yes, there are maps that do not use music tracks. Either because its author didnt want to or forgot it.
You can play any music file from within the Darkplaces engine by doing this:
Open your console and type:
cd loop track002
This will play track002 endlessly. Use any track you want.
You can even copy your own favorit music tracks in the same folder and play them like:
cd loop miss_piggy_test_sound
As long as there is a miss_piggy_test_sound.ogg music file in your id1/music folder :slight_smile:

Ahh YES it worked! Thank you.

Is there also a way to do this for quakespasm engine?
Didn’t seem to work doing the same thing as Darkplaces

It’s ok, I got it all working now.

Can we use mp3, wav and other formats?

Can we use mp3, wav and other formats?[/quote]

Quakespasm allows the FLAC format as well.